Kiwi Express Shine Instant Shine Sponge Review

I still remember the days when I used to use Kiwi Shoe Polish that is in a small box, using it with a shoe brush and shining the shoes by polishing it. I used to do it every night and spend a good amount of time doing it. There were days when you apply the polish and leave it overnight and then polish it in the morning.  It is interesting then came the liquid polishes and they used to ruin the shoe leather or not look great…Now it is the express shine instant shine sponge.  Let me share my experience here.

What are the Good Things about Kiwi Instant Express Shine ?

  • It is very handy in size and usage, I do not have to prepare for polishing. I keep it next to my shoes and pick it up when I tie my shoe laces.
  • I do not have to pre-polish and then use the shoe polish brush
  • It does not take much time for me to polish the shoe.
  • All you need to do is brush it twice and it is clean with shine. It has some oily substance that gives the shine.
  • It comes in black and other neutral colors. I use the black one for my black shoe and the neutral one for my other shoes.
  • I can carry it anytime, anywhere without worrying too much about the colors  when I travel in airplane for work.
  • I can do it any number of times and it will be fine.

What can be improved on the Kiwi Instant Shoe Shiner ?

  • One of the big challenges is that the shoe shiner takes a lot of dirt that is on the shoe and it becomes fully closed with the sponge, hard to get the oil out and shine the shoe. It would be nice to shave a shoe dust lime a shoe mitten so that the dust can be cleared first. It is very easy to have a mitten kind of thing attached to the other side of the shoe shiner.
  • Also, I see that the oil sometimes does not come well, maybe something can be done with that…

Overall, I think it is a great product to use and it is way better than the regular brushing of the shoes.


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