Sensodyne Tooth Brush – Review

When I visited a near by Dentist for the filling of a broken tooth, I also clarified lot of queries about brushing habits, sensitivity etc. The Dentist patiently explained me the importance of handling sensitivity, as I had signs of it. That was how I connected my scenario with the hugely advertised solution for it: Sensodyne. Then I wanted to try once, so bought a Sensodyne tooth-brush over my regular choice: Oral-B. I’ve tried Sensodyne tooth paste only once as I’m in deep love with Close-up. This review is only about the tooth-brush.


  • The brand is designed to tackle sensitivity. As Sensodyne is focussed towards the main problem faced by many, it definitely has an edge over competitors in fighting or dealing with sensitivity. One thing for sure, it helps in not aggravating the situation for people who are already suffering from sensitivity. And also helps the rest in not ending up with sensitivity problem.
  • Durable: I’ve an aggressive brushing habit. Old habits die-hard, so I’m fighting it. Any type of brush gets out of shape, once its in my hands sorry mouth :D. I’ve the legacy of pulling out bristles and breaking the brush handle itself 🙂 So I did the stress testing of Sensodyne and the bristles could with stand it unlike other low-cost competitive products which were fragile.
  • Slick design: Most of the models available in Sensodyne, are with simple yet stylish design. I’ve observed other vendor products which had complex design, citing the benefits of it but look scary 🙁
  • Competitive pricing. When compared to competitors like Oral-B, the price is quite less.

Low Lights:

  • The brush seems to work softly on the teeth but it’s no different from other similar products like Oral-B, Colgate, Pepsodent. Once in a year, I get this sensitivity problem for few weeks and it goes away on its own. This year too although I used Sensodyne, I still had slight sensitivity and it went away in two weeks. So not sure how far the tooth-brush helped in dealing with sensitivity.
  • At least the model I tried, didn’t offer any other features like, in-built tongue cleaner etc. Was also not sure if it’s designed for fighting against plague and cavities. More clarity on this is required.

Side Lights:
Good Dental practice:

  • It’s important to change tooth-brush every 6 months.
  • Always choose a Soft brush. I had always preferred ‘Medium’ but Doctor suggested that ‘Soft’ is recommended for all.
  • Never brush for too long. Some people like me, take pleasure in brushing and do it as a matter of pride 🙂 Doctor found out this by observing my teeth and warned strictly against it. Because, Enamel on the teeth, although a very hard substance can get affected and if it does only God can help !
  • How to Brush:
    • 1) For the inner teeth, use circular approach.
    • 2) For the front teeth, use 45% angle.
    • 3) Cover all 32 teeth (or how many ever you have :)).
  • Brush twice in a day. Follow the practice of doing it before hitting the bed at night.
  • Plaque, cavities, sensitivity are top three dental problems. Unfortunately, I’ve not seen any one stop solution for these. Most of the options that we see, address one or two but not all the three problems.
  • As I hail from a fluoride affected area, edges of some of my teeth have yellow spots. Dentist clarified that there’s no need to worry about it, as it doesn’t cause any harm. For making my teeth crystal clear and completely white in color on the lines of sparkling teeth of Celebrities, I was insisting Doctor, if there’s a solution to do it. I also quoted couple of examples of my friends and cousins, who had a visible yellow teeth problem and some how they got rid of them.

She did explain me that the fluoride issue is usually quite deep into the tooth and some workarounds  erode the yellow color but cause major damage to the tooth and cause severe side effects or new issues. With this, I was convinced not to go for it.

On the whole, it was a quite satisfactory experience with Sensodyne tooth brush. I couldn’t arrive at a conclusion about how it helped against sensitivity, may be because I tried ‘Soft’ brush. Not sure how best ‘Ultra Soft’ brush helps for it. But with respect to durability, pricing it’s definitely on par with competitors if not better. You may try it !

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