Komalas ARC Mall, Pasir Panjang Review

You see Komalas all over the place in India, Singapore, Jakarta, you name it…They are a global brand of chain of Indian fast food and south indian cusisine.  We have been to the Komals at ARC mall in Pasir Panjang road or close to Labrador park.  Below are out thoughts.

What are the good things about Komalas in ARC Mall ?

  • The quality of food is on par with the regular Komalas chain.
  • You get very good service at this place as the manager is quite good.
  • There is a 10% discount for corporate employees from large companies like HP, Unilever, Samsung, SAP, etc. This is to get more people to the restaurant.
  • The morning breakfast is quite good and there are few options in lunch set menus ranging from Bombay Thali, Andhra meals to regular meals.
  • The ambience of the restaurant is quite decent and meets the standards. It is quite popular place and you can see long queues in the afternoon.
  • It is very decently priced and NOT too expensive.

What can be improved at Komalas in Pasir Panjang ?

Well, I think the restaurant is maintained well, one of the things I see that can be done is maybe modernize it a little like the Sankranti nextdoor. Of course, the expectations or positioning is different, but would be great.  Also, the prices have been recently increased, I guess there is no inflation in Singapore, how come the price is increasing…something to think about…do not try to copy the Sankranti way of menu changes and ruin your core value as fast food chain and south indian food place.

How to get there  ?  Address Phone number ?

You can take the MRT orange line and get down at Labrador Park MRT and just walk directly to the ARC ( Alexandra Retail Center ) Mall, it is in the first floor at one of the entrance. It is just behind taxi stand as well. It is open from 7:30 to 10:30 PM.

Address: 460 Alexandra Rd, 01-01, 119963  and  Phone:6276 6455

How was your experience at Komalas ?

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