Sankranti Restaurant ARC Mall Review–Singapore

Sankranti is probably the most  South Indian, rather Andhra centric name that you would hear…Sankranti is a chain of Andhra Cuisine, which is basically South Indian from state Andhra Pradesh, restaurants in Singapore. Let me share my experience with Sankranti in ARC Mall in Singapore.

What are the good things about Sankranti Restaurant in ARC Mall ?

  • The ambience of the restaurant is in-line with the rest of the Sankranti restaurants in town. usually the decoration is symbolized by ceiling with colour bangles and different colours robes symbolizing Sankranti festival in Andhra.  it is quite good.
  • The quality of the food is on par with rest of the Sankranti places. The trick to this is that, the major curry, dishes are prepared centrally and then only the minor things like rice, roti, naan, etc. are made the location.
  • The place also has iPads for hi-tech ordering, if you go for dinner.
  • My favourite here is Andhra Biryani. You can ask for Natu Kodi Biryani, which is country chicken Biryani. It is slightly pricey, but that’s the premium they demand for the quality of the food.
  • it is very much crowded for lunch and you will see a ton of Indians and Andhra people out there. You can speak in Telugu as well with the counter person.

What can be improved at Sankranti Restaurant ?

  • Well, I like the restaurant, for the most part, it is great restaurant. The worst part is the service during Lunch hours and the mechanism to serve food.  The serving folks are hopeless, they are not taking good care of the tables, and you will have to wait a long time for food.
  • One of the worst things is the labels to serve food, the server is lost finding the table…maybe they can have something like with long neck numbering systems, for them to see….

Besides the service levels improvement, it is a great place to eat some good south Indian food.

How was your experience at Sankranti in ARC ?

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