Make Read Only NTFS Segate Hard Disk – Write on Mac

I have always had hard time figuring out why NTFS hard disk is read only. I have a portable Segate Hard drive Backup Plus.  For this reason, when I bought my hard disk, I have formatted it to FAT32 to be read write on Mac, but that is a problem because the file size is limited on FAT32 and does not go over 2.8 GB I think or around there…anyways, I was researching online on how to get this fixed of read only NTFS Segate hard disk to be writeable on Mac.

What do you need to do to make Read Only Hard disk NTFS to Writable on Mac ?

It turns out that it is a simple fix for it, you need to install the right driver to be able make a read only hard disk to be read write. All you need to do is go to the website and download the driver. It is called Paragon Driver for Segate hard disks.

Once you install the driver, all you need to do is restart and it works like charm. I wasted so much time on this, once I got this done, now it is fine.  Also, if you install the wrong verion, it will not work. I installed the older version and it did not work. So, make sure you check and install the correct driver based on your Mac OS version.

You can check out all Mac OS driver info on Segate Website . You can even enter your Serial number to get the right version of the software, if you want.

Any other tricks for making your hardware work ?


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