UberPOOL Review 2017 and Promo Codes Singapore

It amazes me how long I have been using Uber in Singapore. In my previous Review on Uber Singapore, UberPOOL Review I tried to cover some of the aspects of Uber on what makes it one of the better services for transportation. I will share my view on Uber POOL in Singapore for 2017. Also, you have a free coupon code at the end šŸ™‚

How is UberPOOL in Singapore 2017 – Review Ā ?Ā 

UberPOOL is something that I take pretty much everyday to work. I live on the east side and work in the city, it takes me forever with the Bus, so I ended up choosing UberPool. It takes anywhere from 12 to 15 SGD depending on timing of the day. Anyways, below are some key points that I can think of are positive.

  • UberPOOL is about 25% cheaper as per Uber, but it can be much lower than that, depending on the time of the day. Ā If you take Uber about 10 AM or when there is no surge during off peak hours, it is much cheaper than 25% because the general taxi price of UberX is also low
  • The time with UberPOOL can be very tricky. Usually, it can take about 15 to 20 minutes more than normal UberX time. But on an average of 5 days, you get lucky with less timing in about 3 days. So the timing is an average.
  • with UberPOOL you get to sit on your own and work without having any disturbances like in bus and not too many stops. You are saving about 3 to 4 SGD for 10 to 15 minute delay, not bad right ?

Now, let me share some of the trade offs are the negative things that you need to consider before you take it.

  • Sometimes, with UberPOOL, you end up taking more than twice the amount of time. I have had instances, where my UberX ride would take about 25 min and UberPool took me about 50 minutes, this is very bad. The sole reason for this is too many rider pick up and not matching.
  • Lately, UberPOOL is turning out to be quite bad as the system automatically matches and tries to fill in every seat. You may see sometimes about 3 to four stops for picking up passengers. Imagine, you got in first and got out last, it will take over an hour. It is more like Bus….If this is not fixed many would leave.

UberPOOL and Uber Promo Code SingaporeĀ 

You can use this promo codeĀ Ā satheeshk2102ue to get about two $8 SGD rides or $10 SGD rides, if you are first time user with UberPOOL or even UberX . If you are in Malaysia, you check out Malaysia Promo Codes for UberĀ 


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