What is missing in Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) ?

Kabaddi League has been the recent buzz and many of my friends and colleagues have started following it. I too watched few matches and found them to be interesting. The quality of the teams has definitely lifted the tournament’s spirit.

As many are following over television, the basic rule of Kabaddi about the raider should not inhale the breath during his turn is tough to be followed. The raider is supposed to chant ‘Kabaddi, Kabaddi’ continuously to confirm that he is not inhaling the breath. Whenever we play Kabaddi, this is usually the most debated area whether the raider has inhaled/lost the breath or not. It’s quite tough to judge. In Pro-Kabaddi League, we see the gap around this rule. Firstly, the TV audience¬†are unable to¬†hear the ‘Kabaddi’ chant and secondly, with the uproar from the live audience, it becomes highly challenging for the umpires also to decide on this.

Some workaround to cover this gap like installation of high quality microphones etc will add to more excitement because then the audience would also be able to judge about the player’s breathe and feel more connected to the game.

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