Maa Music Something Special Program – Review

There are very few programs that I follow on TV. ‘Something Special’ Talk show on Maa Music is the only show which I’ve been following for years and the reason is the splendid anchor duo: Ravi, Lasya. It was during Nara Rohit’s ‘Solo’ movie release, that I bounced upon this live program which is aired from 8:30 AM to 10 AM. The way Ravi and Lasya made the shy Nara Rohit giggle all through the program was a treat to watch. From then onwards, I too unknowingly became a part of their extended family.


Ravi and Lasya: The anchors are the major highlights of the show. Their innocent yet witty flow in conversing with people and over any topic makes it a delightful watch. The chemistry that they share is the USP of the show. Ravi’s occasional gyan on life, jobs etc are also very funny. The way he takes class to the callers about mundane ways of conversation viz: say hi to my friends, convey birth day wishes, guess my name, I’ve tried many times but it never connected etc is hilarious. So if his frustration gives so much merry imagine how he shares his happiness.
Lasya’s innocent intelligence is the backbone of the show. She complements Ravi very well. Her cheema, enugu jokes had been a rage and earned a good recognition for her.

Team: It’s good to see the consistent attempts by the team to make the show more interesting. The very idea of combining Ravi and Lasya to host the show has worked because of the frequent experiments.

The way Ravi calls his Director Mukesh by name and in friendly slang shows the vibes the team share. The show is definitely backed by a friendly and passionate team, that’s why they are able to sustain the interest levels for years.

Innovation: I believe the concept of bringing casual dance to a live talk show is one of its kind and very unique. Wednesdays are a treat to watch with this special dance element. I was blown away by this concept when I first saw it. Who said that perfection in dance would only be applauded. See the funny antics of Ravi and Lasya during their dance movements. Some steps are excellent and remaining are rib tickling because even if they stop the dance suddenly and stare at each other it makes you laugh. Their instant creativity, Tom and Jerry acts make it a wonderful act.

Presentation: As the show is aired on a Music channel, there’s good music created for the show as well. The various jingles, logos used for the title ‘Something Special’ have all been wonderful. The highlight of all being the recent ‘Some some some ba ba Something Special’ which is an excellent composition and well picturised title song.

– Ravi used to go overboard some time back but has quickly learnt from his well wishers that not everyone would take things sportively. As he progressed, it was good to see that he learnt from his experiences and is now more balanced while speaking to strangers.
– Except for Wednesdays and to some extent Tuesdays where the anchors don the roles of Gayathri Vasantham and Srinivas, on other days the show runs mostly on talking to people without any concrete and unique theme. It would be an outstanding show, if they can make every day work like Wednesday with a different theme on each day.
Advertisements: As its a popular show, its flooded with ad breaks. There was a time when the show was ad free and it would remain as the best period. But as everything is backed by money, Ads can’t be avoided but if they are limited it would be great.

‘Something Special’ program has lived up to its name, if not surpassed it ! It has slowly, steadily penetrated to the hearts of Telugu people and has now become a common name among households. This is a very rare show where kids to youngsters to elders all admire and follow it regularly. I still wonder how my NEWS-savvy Dad, also got addicted to it.

It’s good to see Ravi, Lasya the pioneers of the show, build their career well upon the strong foundation of this show. They are going great by all means from Talk shows to Audio Launches to Award Functions to Celebrity shows…and what NOT ? They are also very well appreciated by the fantabulous star anchors like Suma.

The success story of ‘Something Special’ is a true example that common youngsters can strike it big if they believe in themselves. Way to go Ravi and Lasya, you are truly Something Special !

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