Motorola C1201 Cordless Telephone Review

We recently moved to Singapore and was looking for a home phone. As both of us have cell phones, we did not wanted a super fancy home phone that has all the features and pricey….we wanted something that is good value for money. I looked at many phones around in the shopping center and finally narrowed in on the Motorola C1201 Cordless Telephone. Let me share my experience with this phone.

Great features of the Motorola C1201 Cordless Phone :

  • The C1201 Cordless phone comes with one single cordless handset, which is enough for a simple home phone. Many take two or three handsets options, but for someone like us it works great as we wanted a single cordless receiver.
  • The design of the corless handset is great, you can hold it for long period of time and it is quite audible. My wife is on the phone for hours and she does not complain.
  • It has directory options to store upto 50 numbers, but we stored like 10 that we use most, so it works.
  • It has a speaker option, which is great for talking as a group
  • It has the find me kind of button, just in case you forget the handset, then you can flash for it to find it.
  • It also is pretty looking for me…it has a nice display.
  • We paid about $50 to 60 for the phone and I felt it was worth every penny.
  • The charge last for a long time
  • There are multiple ringtones and you can chose the one you like…there are many other features, but we do not use them as we use our mobile phones these days….Remember those days when your land phone was everyting…too bad for us now…

What can be improved ?

  • Maybe the design can be made a little slick, there are few things that can be improved, but I guess for the price you pay, that’s what you get.

Overall, I think it is a great phone to buy, if you are looking for a value for money kind of phone.

What has been your experience with the Motorola Cordless phone ?

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