Beginner Salsa Night Singapore – Union Square Tuesdays

Recently I got introduced to the Union Square Salsa Dancing Club in Singapore, as I mentioned it is a beautiful latin dancing club and it rocks for the great floor and atmosphere. But, when you are a beginner, you will always wonder, what is the best place to dance as a beginner and what is the best night to dance with beginners, if you are starting to learn dancing in Singapore. I happen to visit Union Square Salsa club at Amara Hotel recently on a tuesday and the place was rocking…Below is what I have seen.

What the Beginner Salsa Night Deal at Union Square in Singapore ? 

Well, it is priced and themed as beginner night. You can enter the club for free between 9 PM and 1 AM for $1 SGD. If you pre-register on their Facebook Page, you dont even have to pay for that one dollar, you enter for free !  Also, the theme is supposed to be beginner night, so you will very likely see many beginner dancers.

But, dont be fooled by the fact that it is a beginner night and you will only see beginners….there are quite a bit of very advanced dancers and professionals that come to dance on that night. You will also find a decent number of beginners as well…mostly some of the university students might join….so, if you are new to the club and beginner, I suggest you go there at about 10 PM or a little around 10.30 PM the club will be full and you will be able to see many dancing. You are free to ask any of them to dance. You can sense that based on the dancing, if they are beginner or not…if you sense that they are a beginner, do not think twice, just ask them and they will dance with you…

One of the great things about going to a beginner night like these is that, there is mixed crowd and you will not feel lost…never imagine yourself or compare yourself to a pro, who is dancing next to you…that will make your morale down and you may not enjoy….Personally, I have not danced in a very long time…after years, I felt like a beginner and went there…but to my surprise many were there and I slowly danced with few beginners and felt good.

The only thing is that they only play Salsa and Bachata….No Merengue or any other Cumbia…So, be prepared for that only….

I believe, the best night to visit Union Square would be a Tuesday night !

Did you dance on a tuesday at Union Square ?  What has been your experience ?

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