Ottoman Kebab & Grill Bedok Mall, Singapore Review

I have been going to Bedok Mall for quite some time and always eat at the regular places like Pizzahut, Pratawala, McDonald, etc..Never tried other places…My friends are in town and they said that I should try this place as they like it. I tried it today and let me share my experience.

Firstly Ottoman is a Turkish boutique restaurant.

What are Good things about Ottoman Kebab and Grill in Bedok Mall ?

  • The quality of food they serve is really good
  • They make very good wraps, probably the best. I had a falafel wrap and it was amazing. My friends tried out the Chicken Wrap and they said it is really good.
  • The chef really takes time to make a nice wrap and it is really authentic.
  • They have a decent menu and you get most of the wraps and kebabs.
  • The prices are very reasonable. Usually, if you want to get this same kind of food, you would pay at least double in places in CBD.
  • It is in the first floor of the Bedok mall next to the Prata Wala in the corner, you cannot miss it.
  • It is a very nice small place with nice chef and staff, they are very friendly and give good service.
  • You can take carry out or to go, it is great they pack it nicely

What can be improved in the Ottoman Kebab and GrillĀ 

  • Well, I think the restaurant atmosphere can be made a little better. The position of the kitchen is and cashier can be tweaked to fit it…but, not sure, if something can be done here…

Overall, I would rate this place as one of the best places for getting Middle Eastern style wraps or Humus based wraps. The food is very authentic and its price is also very good. I would recommend this to anyone and you all should try it out.


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