Philips Beard Trimmer QT4019 – Review

How I got introduced:
Long back, my close friend had brought a very good trimmer, with many features, from US to me. That time I was very scared to use trimmer, fearing that it might be harmful if not used with care. Eventually I resorted to traditional shaving. With time,I had other apprehensions about shaving as well that it will lead to rapid growth of beard and the chances of getting early white beard are high, skin would become rough etc. With these factors and owing to the by birth laziness, I wanted to give trimmer a try. After exploring several options on internet and few shopping malls, I was in dilemma about two models: A Philips high-end model which was damn good and can almost do a shave like trim but a bit expensive and a low-end model with limited features and gives a 3-day beard look. I opted for the second one as it was going to be the first trimmer that I would use. That’s how I purchased Philips Beard Trimmer QT4019.

– Simple to use. Although I struggled a bit initially in operating it, now when I recollect those days I smile instantly. Because a layman/kid can also now easily make out how to use this device. But during that time, a youtube video where a guy literally showed its usage, was the main confidence source for me.

It hardly takes 10 mins to trim if you do it regularly for a normal beard. I do it once in a week for my beard type, which is not very aggressive.

– Affordable cost. I bought it couple of years back and the MRP was Rs 1295/-. But after checking at different malls and on-line sites, I purchased it online, with a deal at and around Rs 1000-1100.

– Clean up is also quite simple. The kit includes a tiny brush which is quite handy. Ofcourse safeguarding the mini-brush without losing it is a big issue 🙂

– No good battery recharge feature. You would almost always need direct power connection. Its obvious that this feature is missing for the cost factor.

On the whole, I’m a loyal and satisfied user of this basic trimmer and would recommend for first timers. For veterans, there are many better high-end models and for you it might be like a kid’s toy.

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