Prata Wala Bedok Mall – Singapore Review

I live around the Bedok Area and it is very hard to find an Indian place. They had Big Bites that is gone as well. Anyways, I was looking around in the mall and found this place that I can have dinner.  Here are my thoughts.

What is good about Prata Wala in Bedok Mall ?

Some of the things I like here are

  • It is very convenient, next to the MRT and Interchange. I can hop by it anytime I am late
  • The food menu options are also great.
  • The price is NOT that bad, it is very reasonable.
  • The quality of food is not that bad.
  • They have a rich set of options like Prata, Chapati, Roti and also many South Indian dishes like Dosa as well.
  • You can see what they do in the kitchen as the stove is facing the users, it just tells that it is a little clean and you can see that cleanliness.
  • They also give a buzzer, so that you don’t have to anticipate the food delivery. The buzzer will buzz when it is ready.
  • The ambiance is kind of ok. It is of the style of the old antique look

What can be improved at this restaurant ?

  • I think the quality of the food can be made a little better, especially the curry items. I felt that the chicken was missing taste as it was over heated. I tried chicken curry once and aloo curry once.  The chicken was over cooked.
  • I feel that the ambiance is a little dark in nature and it is not very appealing, maybe that’s the style…but, I feel that it can be modified a little to have it more bright.

Overall, I think it is a decent place to visit and have food. The Pratas are good here, I liked them, they served it fresh in front of me.

Did you visit the place ?  What is your take ?

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