Powergesic Plus Gel Ointment – Review

My father made friends with a near by Medical shop owner and this uncle became the go to person for medical advice before consulting Doctor. As sprains, back pain..etc are unavoidable inspite of being very cautious, whenever such a situation arose, our family used to rely on popular ointments like MOOV. Once the medical shop uncle suggested to use Powergesic Gel, for quick relief and from then on it has become one of the must have items at home for us.

– It’s quite good in giving quick relief. In many instances it fully addressed sprains, joint pain and back pain for our family members. Personally I used it on shoulder/neck pain and for an injury caused from a minor accident. My wife had an accidental fall which caused elbow injury, Powergesic gel helped a lot for the recovery.
– Easily available in almost all medical shops.
– One solution for many problems.

Areas of improvement:
– Although this should not be an expectation at all, it may not be reliable as the only medicine/ointment which can completely solve all sorts of body pains. Sometimes it should be accompanied by other medicines through Doctor consultation.
– The current price is Rs 77.50 for 30g tube ointment. I remember to have bought it at around Rs 50 few years ago. So there’s a steep increase in the price. It would be great if it is offered for a less amount.

Side lights:

– Based on my own reasoning, I’ve never used/suggested it for head aches, as its a powerful ointment. For the same reason, I don’t use near sensitive parts like heart. Many would not even have this worry, but when I thought over it, I feared about brain/heart seizure if such ointments are used around them 😀

Powergesic Gel is the first and foremost thing we try whenever a situation arises with minor injuries/hassles related to body pains. Although it may not be THE solution but is a very good aid in the recovery process. Strongly recommend it !


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