Logitech M310T Wireless Mouse Review

I used to use a Microsoft wireless mouse about 5 years ago, the button of that mouse looked good, but the closure to store the wireless receiver was bad. Also, the buttons after some time were not well. Anyways, I stopped using wireless mouse since then. I stuck to wired mouse by Microsoft, it was great…Recently, I figured out I am way to old school carrying the wired mouse and switched to wireless mouse. I have researched quite a bit before I bought this mouse. I went to many trade shows and checked out how the mouse would feel on your palm. You see many people buying fancy small mouse, that is not good for your wrist, if you work long hours. I work about 12 to 14 hours on the computer and mouse is a key piece. I wanted to buy something that will not only feel good with my hand, but also feels safe for my hand. Anyways, after careful analysis, I picked up Logitech m310t Wireless Mouse.

Good Features of the Wireless mouse :

  • It is really good with the size. Fits exactly within my palm and I can rest my palm as well as it is of correct size. It does leave much gap like the very small ones, making you to shrink the palm
  • The receiver is small and the design to store the receiver is great as well. I like it better than the old one.
  • I usually leave the receiver attached to my laptop and seldom remove it, it is so small that it does not hurt my bag, so taking the receiver and putting in and taking out is taken out of the equation
  • There is a button to turn on-off the mouse, it is nice to save power and done well
  • It does not give any of those red color laser irritating light that typical mouse would give, it is almost no light to reflect. Works on most of the surfaces, except slow on Glass surface. You will need to use a paper board. It is the same problem with every mouse
  • The response is good, there is a wheel to scroll and is positioned rightly.
  • The design is great for me

What Can be improved ?

  • I really want the guys to fix the optical mouse to work on Glass. I have not found anything that works well.  Most of the good tables are made of glass and it is hard to work there.
  • Also, instead of turning off and on the mouse button, why cannot the system detect and shutdown the mouse power, when no signal ? Maybe it is simple, I would love to see that
  • How about battery change from AA to AAA battery, it will reduce weight. One of things I like about wired mouse is their weight. If Logitech can fix this, it would be great.

Our take : 

Overall, I think it is a great mouse and I would recommend anyone to buy it. I did use quite a few mice and many turned to be ok. This one is very good, decently priced and works great for long hours work as well.

What are your thoughts ?  How was your experience ?


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