Rio 3D Movie Review

Recently watched Rio 3D movie in Prasads, Hyderabad. Loved the movie !

It was  recommended by my Office Colleagues and without having any idea about the story or the highlights of the movie I went to the theater with a blank mind. The best part of the movie is the STORY. The way all commercial elements of a movie are intelligently applied to the story of a Bird wins accolades of all. I could observe the connection that the movie established with the audience from the age of 6 to 60. Its funny, witty, creative, musical and visually appealing. What more would you ask for ?

Its the story of a rare bird BLU (parrot like) which is taken to Rio (Rio de Janeiro) in Brazil to put it along with another female bird to save their race from extinction. Then a villain steals them to sell them for good price. He is well accompanied by an evil and monstrous bird. How BLU escapes from this, finds his love and finally how he reaches his care taker back forms the rest of the story.

This story is well supported by other characters and is a funny and colorful ride. Must watch in 3D category though there are less 3D trademark effects. The only one that surely captivates is the scene on Jesus Christ statue.

Another major asset of the movie is music. Its trendy, peppy and haunting. The making standards are awesome and even if you are an elder you wouldn’t feel like watching Cartoon Network.

Go for it, highly recommended !!!

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