Prasads (Hyderabad) 4D Fx Virtual Reality – Jet and Jin show Review

Last Sunday I had been to Prasads and experienced 4D Fx Virtual Reality show. There were many themes listed with a gap of 20 minutes. The one that was immediately open for us in next 10 minutes was ‘The Haunted House’. Didn’t want to have an Horror Experience and so opted for the next show which was ‘Jet and Jin Adventures’. The ticket price was Rs 100/-.

I had heard good reviews about this experience but was advised to watch it before the ‘Rio 3D’ movie because if we go for this 4D Fx after watching a 3D movie for 90 minutes, it might not be very impressive. So I wanted to watch it before and so was eagerly waiting for the show.

When we entered into a mini theater we were given some 3D kind of glasses. They were little different from 3D ones. They were square in shape. We were given instructions to lay back, hold the seats and get ready for the 4D Virtual Reality experience. There were warnings that heart patients, pregnant women are not recommended for the show. This little note scared some people on how the show is going to be.

The show started and it was uber cool experience because one of the lead characters goes for a ride in air and we too travel along with him at least feel like we are doing so. There are regular puffing of cool air from the back side of the seat timed exactly at the situation in the movie. As you travel along the character you go through with aerial view of the city with sky scrapers around, on flyovers surpassing vehicles. This experience was really good and I was asking for more. Then we were taken into a tunnel feel and finally landing in the belly of a monster. From then its a different experience when you come out and feel the layered water very near to you. This was the best part of the show as the real effect of 4D Fx can be felt.

Finally when you are in a good mood to enjoy more you will get upset on realizing that the show ended. The experience was really good for 100 bucks but the bad part of it is that it was not even close to 10 minutes. You will hardly feel it for 5 mins and the show ends by 10 minutes. Had this been a show for 20 to 30 mins definitely it would have been a paisa vasool. While watching it I thought that I should come back to experience all the other themes too but on realizing that the show lasts for less than 10 minutes I have a different opinion now.

I had experienced similar show in Ramoji Film City where in a Earth Quake was simulated and you will be experiencing the havoc. That was ok for elders and enjoyable for kids. This show in Prasads is no less to that as the chair you are on moves, shakes and makes you feel that you are very close to the characters on the screen.

Anyways its nice first time experience. You can give it a try.

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