Select Cinema Theater in Machabollaram, Hyderabad – Review

Q) How did you get introduced to  Select Cinema Theater in Machabollaram  ?

We tried to book tickets online for a movie, due to the release day, we could not find anything close by, so had to pick this place for movie.

Where is the  Select Cinema Movie Hall or  theater in Machabollaram   ?

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Q) What do you like about Select Movie Hall ?

  • The most thing that I liked about this theater is that I could get a ticket to watch a release movie. I was able to book tickets online using
  • The seats in the movie theater are not that bad, they are fine.
  • If you are driving in a car, you do get parking.
  • The sound system is not bad, but not that great though

Q) Do you want to suggest anything on “Select Movie Theater” in Machabollaram, Hyderabad  ?


  • The Screen is old, it is not really 70 MM experience, they have to get a new screen
  • It said online that it is Balcony, but it is not, it is technically  a high rise first class seats. Maybe they should tell it is first class
  • The ambiance  in the theater has to be fixed quite a bit.  It does not look professional
  • The Air Condition has to fixed, only air blows and half of the fans have to be replaced
  • There are no toilet basins. It is very minimum to get toilet basins and a tap for washing hands.
  • The theater interior has to be completely re-designed


Q) Any final words about Select Movie Theater?

It is a very old theater and  it has to be renovated completely to meet the current movie theater standards. Personally, I would not prefer to go to this theater unless the above things are fixed. Well, we got a ticket to watch a movie on first few days, so cant complain…


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  1. Interesting topic to discuss as a guest i came here to see the questions and answers how they performed, useful info for the manager of that theater to know what all has to be done to be the best among all the theaters


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