Maharishi Ayurveda KASNI Cough Syrup – Review

Q) How did you get introduced to KASNI Cough Syrup ?

Cough troubles me exactly once an year and it lasts for at least a week. I’ve been looking for a medicine that actually works for me. Last year I consulted a BAMS Doctor in Bangalore and he strongly recommended ‘KASNI’ cough syrup.

Q) What do you like about KASNI Cough Syrup ?

Its an Ayurvedic syrup, tastes sweet as many cough syrups and has the major advantage of being non-sedative. I had earlier tried Benadryl and had problem with the drowsiness that it carries. This restricted me in not using Benadryl, during day time. KASNI seems to have worked well for me. I prefer it mainly for not having any side effects.

Q) Do you want to suggest anything on KASNI Cough Syrup ?

There are different types of cough. Last year for mild cough, I felt that KASNI worked well. This year I started medication for cough a bit later and it was cough with Phlegm ( or flem)  this time. When I tried KASNI it seems to have increased cough, might be to expel the Phlegm ( or flem)  immediately and on the whole it took more than a week for me to completely become free from cough. So not sure if this medicine works well for all types of cough.

Q) Any final words about KASNI Cough Syrup ?

You can try KASNI and see if it works for you. Its suggested to swallow it slowly especially while passing through the throat. My Doctor has many words to say about this medicine and he never reacted so for any other medicines that he prescribed .

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