Singapore Taxi Drivers–Best, No cheating !

Taxi drivers can be a real pain for anyone new in a totally new country, unless you are in countries like Singapore.  As described taxi drivers in Kuala Lumpur can cheat you a lot, if you are not clear with them. In  Singapore, it is very safe and there is no cheating involved.

Whats good about the Taxi Drivers in Singapore ?

  • The most important expectation for consumers from taxi drivers is that they do not cheat us with the route in a new country. In many countries, taxi drivers tend to take longer router and charge us more….but in Singapore, it is quite different…Typically they will ask you, which way you want to go, either free way or not use it…etc.  There is absolutely no cheating…
  • The taxi drivers do not cheat in terms of giving change, they will give you every single penny that is due like 5 cents also….if you go to countries like in Thailand, Philippines, forget about getting any money back as they often tell that they do not have any change.
  • Communication is a key thing…for the most part, all the taxi drivers can speak English. They are mandated to speak language and communicate well, when they apply for taxi license.
  • The taxi drivers need to take a proper test and go through exam, etc by LTA of Singapore , so from the process and guidelines perspective, they are very good, no cheating, no issues with bills, etc.
  • you will always be given a bill at the end of the trip, unlike other countries where they tell you that there is no paper, etc and funny stories.

What can be improved with taxi drivers ?

Overall, in my last few years of riding with taxis in Singapore, all I can tell you is that the experience is great. Sometimes, some of the taxi drivers are old and can be slightly grumpy at times…they just need to polish their etiquette. 

How has your experience been in Singapore riding with taxis ?  Anything to share ?

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