Need Taxi -Don’t know Thai,Avoid Cheating -Take Uber! Review

Taking taxis in Bangkok or in Thailand can be a very tricky thing, you often get cheated by taxi drivers..especially in the evenings and nights. Also, the biggest issue is the language barrier in Thailand with Taxis. You as a passenger would say something, the guy driving interprets something and you end up landing in a different place…I have ended up in different destinations due to language issues. As I mentioned in review, taking Uber in Bangkok , besides the high quality service, you never end up in wrong places. let me share my experiences recently with Uber in Thailand.

Don’t Know Thai ? – Avoid Cheating – Taking Uber Review 

Recently, in Singapore I was taking Uber and as I got a driver assigned, it showed a small message telling that your driver has hard time hearing, we are giving him step by step directions. The funny thing was I thought of calling, but the call button was disabled. I could text the driver. Finally the driver shows up at correct place…to my surprise the driver cannot hear or speak…he was born deaf and dumb. He communicated only using gestures…i was quite amazed how Uber has created this driver a livelyhood….Now, when you are in a different country with a new language, you are as good as the driver I just mentioned. You cannot speak their language and they cannot understand…So, how do you communicate, only Text Messages and making sure you give the right address…

Anyways, I have been tired of drivers in BKK trying to trick me and over charge me for taxis…I had to travel from Sukhumvit to Airport, it costed me only 300 Baht, can you believe it ?  Usually the drivers demand like 500 Baht or more…Also, the good part is that I do not need to talk or say something…I encountered a driver, who said he cannot speak english…He just picked me up and dropped me there…no conversation…many times, the same thing has happened in Thailand, I never had to utter even a word, I am at the destination…

The total cheating is gone now…no more expensive 100 Baht for moving from one soi to other…. Also, one of the things I really like about Uber is the Safety…Bankok can be a rough place and not having proper tracking for you can be risky…especially in the nights…with Uber you are tracked and the drivers too…so no need to worry about your safety….

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What has been your experience with Uber in Bangkok ?

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