Sri Venkateshwara Temple – Vivekananda Nagar, Hyderabad

I used to live in Vivekananda Nagar in KPHP / Kukatpally area for quite some time.  If you are little spiritual, what you always look for is a temple so that you can worship. Anyways, my first visit to the temple was on a January 1st  and it was jam-packed with so many people waiting in lines as long as 500 m, it was crazy. Le me share my thoughts on the Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple in Vivekananda Nagar

Great things about the Temple :

  • It is one of the most spacious and well planned temple I can think of in a small colony. You would not expect to have such a large size temple in a busy area around KPHB, it was planned years ago and well done.
  • The temple prayers are done in great spirit.
  • The temple is in an area with lot of people around them with quite a bit of wealth, so I believe, there are good funds that are raised for the temple. They are constantly renovating the temple. They have recently constructed a good wall with all the decorations as well.
  • The temple has good place around the main temple for pradakshinas
  • It feels like visiting a serene place and feels good. Staying in a busy area, you would not expect it to be good, but the feel of it with trees and everything gives you such great experience
  • They also give prasadam and they have options for drinking water as well.
  • You can expect no less in decorations, when you go there for any festivals. Good funds are raised.
  • The good thing about this temple is that they also organize many other events. There are always some sort of events going on in the temple. They have a nice out-door stage that is used for bhajans and other events.
  • You also see lot of prominent shastris and gurus visit the area for some functions and doing lot of poojas
  • They also have a small book selling table, you can pick up some good books.

How to get there ? 

You can take the Vivekananda Nagar Colony main road ( with the Vivekananda Nagar statue), take a left at the More Supermarket and then take a right at the dead-end of street, then an immediate first left on the road, then second left, you will end up at temple. If you get lost, ask anyone.

Directions in Google Maps 


What can be improved in the temple ?

Personally, I think the temple is done in a very well area.  The flooring all around the temple is not uniform, maybe something to change. I know they are working hard, but it would be nice to see.

overall, it is a great temple to visit and you will like it and feel great visiting abode of God.


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