LG Smart TV – Magic Remote Review

I was planning on buying a new TV and literally did all the reviews around popular TVs and talked to few friends as well and then went to a big electronic event to buy a Samsung 3D TV. I was just fishing around looking at various other TV brands as well. Fortunately, I happen to view the LG Smart TV, the first thing that caught my eye was Magic Remote. It is an incredible piece of device and totally revolutionizes the way we use the remote. Eventually, all the features and Magic Remote made me buy an LG TV over Samsung TV. I have been using this for few months now and I did not make a mistake. Let me share my review on the Magic Remote of LG TV

What are the cool things about Magic Remote of LG Smart TV ?

I would say, if Apple were to create a remote, they would create the one like this  LG remote. It is amazingly designed and simple 5 to 6 buttons. I hate looking at big large remotes with buttons for channels, sounds, options and it just drives me crazy. The design of this remote is done so well that the buttons are very limited and it gets everything done with them

  • The most incredible feature of the remote is the gesture based navigation on the screen. Have you seen the Wii Gaming Console ? It is just like that.  Literally you point the remote on the screen where you want and it will move the cursor  on the TV screen. It is an amazing experience.
  • The point and click using gesture has many advantages over traditional remotes, you have the choice to close or open anything instantly. if you want to type something using a regular remote, it will take you ages to type a small word. With the point and click Magic Remote of LG, literally I feel like using my iPhone for a TV. It is so good for searching or typing anything.
  • Also, with the magic remote, it makes your life easy to navigate around apps. We have about 50 apps on the Smart TV, using the arrows to navigate around them is crazy, now with point and click all of that is gone !  it is a piece of cake.
  • The magic remote has a nice scroll wheel, just like the mouse wheel for scrolling through the news or browser on the screen
  • it has a small voice button, where it can use the voice recognition to search as well
  • Also, it has a handy 3D button to change from 2D to 3D and vice versa
  • Very intuitive design, has a back button, Smart Apps button, Volume controls, Program changes and wheel that’s about it !  It is also designed well to hold it in palm.
  • I use my TV most of the time using the smart tv options and without this Magic remote, I would be having a hard time. I have seen my friends using the Samsung TV and their remote is so clunky, it has a pad like thing for moving the cursor, so old school….I think LG has done it right with the Magic Remote.
  • if the cursor goes away, you just shake the remote, it comes back…so cool !   Also, the forwarding of movies is done at light speed, I can use the pointer where ever I want and move it there.

What can be improved about the Magic Remote ?

  • While it is a great product to use, something that I noticed is that, because of the gesture and sensitivity, sometimes the buttons are pressed and i go back or scrolls by mistake when I place it somewhere. Would be great to have a lock button like we have in the iPhone for Vibrate mode, just to lock the remote so that it does not do anything
  • The battery seems to drain quicker, not sure, if that can be fixed
  • One more thing I love to see is to have a glove or cover that can be used for gaming, like a Wii remote

I think these are very minor improvements that I can think of.

Overall, I think it is a phenomenal product and I love it !  I cannot write how much happy I am with the magic remote and the LG TV…Having a Samsung TV without this magic remote would have spoiled my Smart TV experience. I think you all should consider the magic remote feature that LG provides.  This is my personal honest review and NO ONE Paid me to write this. As always, all our reviews are unbiased and based on personal experience.

What is your take on the magic remote ? What do you think ?

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