Tooth Surgery, Root Canal–Antibiotic OrdenT – Review

One of the most important things you would need whenever you get any kind of tooth surgery or root canal treatment is that you need to take an antibiotic medicine. There are many out there in the market. We have used OrdenT, here is the review


What is OrdenT Antibiotic Medicine ?

It is a very common antibiotic medicine used by patients after they get any sort of dental treatment. It is very effective and you we did not get any issues. We have used this couple of times and worked well for us.

What is good about this tooth anti-biotic medicine ?

  • It is manufactured by  Dr. Reddys Labs, which is a very good brand in this pharma industry so that we can bank on that
  • It does not really give you any dizzy or nauseau feeling.
  • The medicine is available in the form of a Tooth Shaped Strip, makes it feel like it is a dental medicine.

The medical shop guy offered a similar antibiotic medicine Zenflox manufactured by Mankind pharma, which is cheaper, but we did not take it as we were comfortable with OrdenT Antibiotic medicine and it worked well for us.

What is your experience with Antibiotic medicine for Tooth ?

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