Arya Vysya Satram Srisailam Review

In Srisailam, it is all about Satrams. Every caste and sect has a satram dedicated to them. We ended up going during the long weekend to Srisailam to view the dam and get lord Shiva’s darsham, we had a hard time and ended up staying at the Arya Vysa Satram Large Hall. Here are our thoughts

Arya Vysa Satram Srisailam Review

How to get eligibility to stay at Arya vysya Satram, also called as Vasavi Satram in Srisailam ?

You need to be a donor in order to book a room. You need to give life time donation of 15,000 INR to register and get the benefit. You need to call ahead of time and book the room. You need to pay for the room after you arrive at the satram. You need to be from Vysya caste to even donate money. They will ask for your gotram, when you try to donate…. you cannot fool people here !

What is Good About Arya Vysya Satram in Srisailam ?

It is a very new facility and has beautiful lobby. The guy at the front desk was reasonable as well.

  • New Facility, nice flooring
  • You have Air condition rooms, if you want
  • Good Security.
  • Only entrance allowed to Married couples or family
  • Really good Hall or Anna danam place, you can sleep there on the floor without thinking about anything, it is very good.

What is are the things you need to prepared, if you do not get room and are staying in the satram Hall  ?

If you do NOT get a room at the satram and end up sleeping in the Big Hall, you need to prepared for the below. The Bathrooms do NOT have proper lights and the taps are auto stop push type and you need to hold them continuously to  fill the water in the bucket. It takes a long time to fill the bucket and your time is spent filling up water and the buckets have holes, so it is bad…Be prepared to stand in line, no change areas for women….

What can be improved at the Arya Vysya Satram at Srisailam ?

If you do not get a room, you get some of the above hassles. Management can fix the bathrooms and it should solve most of the problems.

Overall, it is a great satram to stay and we loved it.  End of the day it is a satram, do NOT expect much, pray to god and just keep moving…

What was your experience ?


  1. I experienced the worst situation in srisailam arya vysya satram, worst management, shown to much paritality, even donors don’t get the room in normal days also. I feel very much better in remaining holy places particularly srisailam the worst worst worst worst…………….. No more words to explain this type of management

  2. I have visited to srisailam even I face bad experience with Vasavi Satram front of executive people they behavior is unprofessional they speak service motive but complete fully commercial mode that not satram should be called as Hotel because if you stay satram not required to pay anything but in this you should pay that to very expensive really very bad experience

  3. My experience today, i have been to Vasavi Sadan, Arya Vysya Satram at Srisailam, the front office people are really unprofessional, I have inquired for accommodation, they have simply rejected by saying all room donors having booking, but then why they are serving for Vysya community…why collecting funds…I strongly recommend make every think online and make process very transparent.

    Finally, i had to beg other community satram for a night stay with my 2 kids and wife.

  4. This is Ravikumar from Hyderabad. Recently I have visited some AryaVysya choultries for accommodation and food. I am not sure this is the right platform to share my experiences with Aryavysys choutries, but for the sake of others, I wanted to give my feedback. Most of the Aryavysya choultries are not in good condition to stay. They are in very filty conditions and a middle class Aryavysya family cannot stay at least 1 night in these choultries. One more important thing here is, all these choultries are under the iron hands of the managers. They are treating the choultries are like hotels and demanding donations forcibly after taking food here. I recently had a bad experience with a manager at Amaravathi, Guntur. He treated us like beggers and used bad language when we rejected the way of asking donations. An immediate relook is required on the activities of managers at these choultries.

  5. I have been to srisailam after 10 plus yrs. am newly married. Had the worst experience in srisailam satram. The guy at front desk used the foul language den*** when I asked him if they were really out of rooms. He asked 1200 for ac room which I think is not true. Was there at midnight so wasn’t in a position to even fight with him after my wife started crying. I will never ever go there again. The guy front desk even said that he is not a vysya.

  6. Iam a phc. Can i get a room in vysya choultry with attached bath with western comod ?and also a room close to the temple ?

  7. Thank you for the excellent review. I am visiting Srisailam end of this year Dec 2013 and your inputs have certainly cleared all my doubts.


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