Uber Malaysia Review – KL, Johor Bahru- Best Taxi Service

It is quite amazing how the taxi business has changed in Malaysia in the last few years. I still remember my experience in KL ( Kuala Lumpur )  few years ago,Uber Taxi Malaysia Review by riding in KL and Johor Bahru where I was stuck waiting at Sime Darby office for taxi, finally ended up downloading and using MyTeksi App ( now called Grab Taxi) and got a ride using that App. Now we have more choices, Uber has taken Malaysia by a storm by providing the service umatched by normal taxis or MyTeksi/Grab Taxi. I have been traveling all over Malaysia and used Uber in KL, Johor Bahru and other suburbs. Let me share my Uber Malaysia Review.

Whats so Good about Uber taxi in Malaysia ?

As many of you know, the regular taxi drivers can be very tricky to deal with. Many of them have broken meters, they do not have paper in their taxi meters, they tend to bargain a lot..not all of the taxi cars are clean…If you are new to Malaysia, it is very likely that you can get cheated…So, what has Uber done ? Uber has taken the experience to a next level. What makes Uber most attractive for every day riders, business travelers and tourists ? I believe these below things make Uber Taxi service the best service for anyone.

  • You get to understand the fare by estimating it ahead of time, gives you an idea. You will NOT be cheated by bargaining.
  • One key thing that I have noticed is that Uber taxi fare is slightly cheaper than Grab Taxi or Normal Taxis.
  • Uber has cut down Uber Black Prices that ride from Airport to help many use the service. It is great option !
  • Uber also has the fare split option, if two of your friends are using it for a ride, you can split the fare quite easily.
  • Most of the cars are maintained clean. Unlike taxis, the odds of having a bad car with bad smell are less…
  • The drivers are trained to have better customer service…they have decent communication skills and can have a conversation with you.
  • Depending on the car, you would have bottle water as well, which is nice !
  • The Uber receipt tells you exactly which route the driver has taken and shows you the exact cost of the same by splitting the fare in sections. Very important to understand. If you have any issue and feel that the driver cheated you, you can raised to customer support and they will refund you, if they have taken wrong route !
  • The experience of Uber is same in different cities.  Let me tell you, I was stuck in Johor Bahru on a high way, when I visited the Glass temple. I was waving at taxis, no one stopped. I opened Uber App and luckily found out that they had cars, Uber rescued me.  I have used Uber in KL, Johor Bahru and many suburbs, the experience has been seamless and quite impressive.

What can be improved by Uber in Malaysia ?

My experience and many of my friends ( as they say) experience has been great. We all wait for Uber. But, what is frustrating is not to have enough Uber Cars on the road around KL, Bangsar, and many popular areas. Would be great, if they add more cars.  Also, the prices of Uber can get high during peak hours, they have something called demand based pricing and shows a small arrow during peak demand…So, beware of that.

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What has been your experience using Uber in Malaysia ? Share your thoughts and tips..


  1. Thieves and totally unprofessional. Took a taxi in langkawi on 19th of this month to resorts world. Forgot my mobile accidentally in the cab. Realised it immediately after and told my son. He ran behind the cab screaming but the driver did not stop. Later on after being contacted he refused for the phone. Worst experience of my life..

  2. Why do some drivers call and ask where you’re going? And then if they don’t want to take you they cancel. Surely when you book the ride they can see from their app where you have booked to go to, at that point if they don’t want to do the trip they shouldn’t pick it up. Also I seem to get a few who low score me and I am lost to know why, the ONLY thing I can put this down to is no tip. I am never late, I don’t slam doors, I let them drop me at my guardhouse rather than make them go inside the condo which saves them time and hassle. I often direct them on a faster route if their navigation app seems to take them an odd way but I still get low balled – strange.

    • Very bad experiences with Uber recently.

      They now play “passenger football”.

      Example: Driver A accepts ride, app says they are 13 mins away.

      Suddenly, without warning, the driver changes to Driver B, who is 18 minutes away. Yes, no cancellation from Driver A. They just switch seamlessly.

      Then Driver C takes over. Then driver C cancels. Passenger – stranded with no ride.

      Has happened to me 3 times so far.

      35 minutes wasted, waiting in the rain yesterday. In off peak hours.

      No thanks.

      Has never happened with Grab so I’m sticking with them after this.

  3. We booked an Uber at 5:32am
    (I have screenshot of the driver & time of contact). At 6:14am it still has not arrived. Despite driver said it will be there in 5minutes. Absurd! The same thing happened coming from Setia Aam to KLCC. More than 40minutes.
    This is not a way to run a business. Terribly dissapointed.

  4. I have emailed to Uber official address on my last month recent trips. I am not sure it is human reply or system asking me to use my official email address which i use for my account details. I did the 2nd time sent an email and yet same reply.

    My 3 experiences occurred last month. Same trail story line & brief: current Uber driver havent finish their current rider and yet pick up my ride..ended, instead of 10mins arrival, its took more than 15mins.

    Cant the Uber driver finish their task first then take new ride? This is call being greedy.

    Another situation. i have waited for 20mins at lrt station, uber driver never arrived. When i called the driver he said he dont know where i was, i am puzzled.. the GPS is there what is the point? he is still at the dropping zone from the earlier driver.

    After same 3 experiences, i have switch to Grab. Uber Management for KL especially, if you don’t listen you will lost more to Grab!! Your competitor is improving alot now.

    Uber in Europe, i have used it..their services are fantastic!

    • Lily,
      Sorry to hear about your experiences. It is the nature of the drivers who sign up and how Uber is handling I guess. Grab has more advantages as they know the market better than Uber…Uber is a global player but Grab is a local player and they know the market !

  5. The drivers now call you and ask where your going and if its too close or they dont want to go, they say get another car.

  6. Very bad service! I had wasted almost one hour for the arriving and at the end the driver guy said find some other car. I was in the midst of urgency. But ended up getting one more ride which with over charges.



    • You should email the Uber. You can go to that trip in App and raise an issue with fare, it will prompt you and you will get refund. You can describe your issue also.

  8. I am a frequent uber rider but recently they have changed their fare to upfront payment. I have issues with that. The other issue is they removed their email support for riders. So how are we suppose to get in touch with them?

    • Emma,
      You can select the trip from the app and then dispute it based on the issue. You will receive an email once you raise the issue. You can work with the email support after that. The email support is based on the trip and not directly email to the support. Just use the app and go to trips and you can see an option for that under each trip or just go to help and see, there should be option too.

    • Hi LK, if you already book uber and decides not to use it, just press the cancel button before 5 minutes.. if you press cancel after 5 minutes, then you will be fined RM 5 and have to pay the fine in your next trip.. However, please request for Uber when you really want to use the service as a consideration for the Uber Driver..

  9. Hi,

    I am new with using uber. May I check if there will be a maximum distance travelled for the driver as I’m going to request for driver to bring me from KL TBS to port Klang?

    Thank you.

    • Well, it is typically within and around the city limits. You can write to Uber or try to book uber and check with the driver after the call is picked by them, if they go far.

  10. Greetings guys.
    I’m Bryan. I would like to ask several questions regarding Uber.
    Firstly, Im driving a UberBlack.

    What are the pros&cons from uberX?
    How much can I earn from Monday ~ Friday for driving 8 Hours? (Estimated) Roughly.
    Can I advertise my business in the car?

    Please answer me these questions guys.
    have a Nice day!

  11. I am interested to apply as Uber Driver at Johor Bahru. May I know who should I contact with?
    I appreciate your kind assistance.

    • KC,
      Just go to the uber app. there is a column where you can choose to be a driver. Input your details, download the Uber Partner app. Then you need to go to their office to activate your account. Ig they have counter in some areas, you will receive sms from Uber.

  12. Hi Kumar,
    I recently just registered as a UberX drive in KL.
    Just wanting to know if it is completely compulsory for drivers here to have a bottle of water ready for riders. As you know, UberKL pay to drivers have decreased significantly over the past years especially for UBERX drivers, having a base fare of only RM0.95. A bottle of water itself could already cost nearly RM1 depending on the brands. And we’re afraid that if we do not provide water, it will affect our rating alot. I think whats most important is that we give our riders a safe journey to their destination with pleasant disposition. Sorry just wanting to know the expectations of riders in KL area.

    • Jm,
      I do not think it is mandatory, but it is a just a good gesture. Honestly, not many people use the water. I remember using it only once as a rider in like 100 rides. I do not think there is an expectation from riders as well in UberX for water, it is maybe required in UberBlack.

  13. Is UBER already common in Johor?
    I plan to travel with my fam which total 5 persons, so i need 2 taxis. Is there any option to choose UBER car with 5 persons?
    Does it need credit card for payment or I could pay it cash?

    Thank u so much before. Really need this information

    • Lady,
      Yes, you can use Uber XL, it can fit upto 6 people. It started with credit card auto payment, now they accept cash. You can pay using Cash.

      • Do I need Malaysia sim card to book some UBER (in case they need to call me, and they don’t accept foreign number)? Or I just could book it, the way I do it in Indonesia?

        • Lady, You do not need local number to book uber. All you need is internet. If you have roaming, you can use that. Remember, if you make a call to Uber driver, it will be charged based on roaming, so it can be quite expensive. So, be careful.

          • Hello,

            I am travelling to KL in a couple of days. When I am at KL, I only have a rented pocket wifi and NO roaming on my own sim card.

            Do UBER Driver’s normally call the passenger?
            Or can they get in touch with me thru Viber/Watsapp?
            Or Do I need to buy a Local Malaysian sim card since my very own sim card will not be in roaming?

            Thank you.

          • Joy,
            If you get lost, they will call the passenger, if not they will not. You cannot see the Uber Driver’s number as it is hidden and whatapp does not help here. It is recommended that you use local SIM card to avoid issues. It is very cheap to get one.

  14. quite a good amount of information about taxi service in KL. And it seems that one should line up Uber only.

  15. In addition, after work at about 11 pm, i wold Uber home and the drivers would wait for me to get into the house before driving off,
    Thank you Uber for your thumbs up service, this is malaysian culture of waiting you to get into house safely and is not any so called training from Uber.

    • Usually, you cannot really call their office directly and they do not share location based numbers. You can email them at support@uber.com and the response is quite quick. If you have an issue with the trip, you can just select the trip and raise issue in the app.

  16. Lately, I have started to use Uber just for safety reasons. Sometimes in MY, taxi drivers can be rough during night, when returning late. With Uber, I fell quite safe as someone is watching and I can share my status with friends and family to track as needed. We need more Ubers on the road in KL !

  17. Uber drivers are awesome, they polite, courteous and thougtful
    I was without care for almost a week, due to an accident which needed repairs. I was not sure of Uber eventhough I heard about it from many people, mainly because of the credit card payment. But after hearing different reviews, I told myself why not give it a try. and am glad to say i would recommend to many.
    The drivers are very friendly, chatting courteously to make my trip in the vehicle which is awesome, so clean, so comfortable, and a relaxing trip to my destination, my working place. In addition, after work at about 11 pm, i wold Uber home and the drivers would wait for me to get into the house before driving off,
    Thank you Uber for your thumbs up service

    • Thanks for adding your experience Jacklyne! I have totally forgot to even flag a taxi, prefer Uber for safety all the time.


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