Uber Taxi Review in Bangkok Thailand – Best !

I travel for work quite a bit all across Southeast Asia and I have used all sort of transportation ranging from Limos to trains, including flagging a taxi and airport taxis. Let me share my experience using Uber in Bangkok. Uber Bangkok Review Thailand

How is Uber Positioned in Bangkok ?  

As you all know Uber is a global brand for taxi booking…But, when you come to Bangkok, you have a ton of taxis already moving all around at cheap prices and bargainable rate. You even see motor bike taxis as well driving around crazy in the city traffic…between all these chaos of various types of taxis in Thailand, Uber has made its entry sometime ago and it is quite established now….Uber is positioned as a premium taxi service in Bangkok. I have seen the quality of service is better than normal taxis and the pricing is almost same or less for UberX and slightly higher for Uber Black. The biggest issue with taxis in Bangkok is that there is no proper standard for taxi metering….many go by bargaining….if you are new, you could be totally cheated…the best thing to do is to book Uber as the fare is very transparent and you get good service.

Should I use UberX or Uber Black ? 

I have used UberX and Uber Black both in Bangkok and I can tell you, the experience is way better than using a normal taxi.  The fare of UberX is comparable to normal taxi and Uber Black is slightly higher. The main fare difference comes when you go longer distance like book from airport..for instance, from Airport to Asok BTS in Sukhumwit, you would pay about 500 Baht for UberX and abot 1000 Baht in Uber Black. But, if you are using Uber in the BKK city, you would pay very comparable price for Uber Black.  My personal experience of using Uber is that Uber Black is much better than the UberX. The cleanliness of the car, you get a good car like Toyota Camry at least…water inside the car, the driver eitquette…all will be much better.  I am not saying UberX is bad, but if I have a choice, I will always take Uber Black due to the service and the car quality. With UberX, you can get normal cars that are driven by normal drivers like normal BKK Taxi, so I would not take, unless I do not have anything showing up.

Night Bargaining Uber vs Normal Taxi in Bangkok. 

It is funny with the taxi bargaining thing….we went out for drinks and looking to go back to hotel after that we were looking for taxis…the normal taxis were asking for at least 150  Baht to go to our hotel and they were confident that we would pay that….we used Uber and guess what ? we paid only 63 Baht in the night…It is crazy to even think of how much you could get cheated….From that day, I would always take Uber over normal taxi…it is safe and you do not get cheated. You can always go in a Uber Black.

What has been your experience with Uber in Bangkok ? Any tips for using Uber ?

What is the Latest Uber Promo Code in Bangkok ? 

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  1. You need to update how much of a code your discount gives, because it does not give you 300 baht off. It gives you three rides with 50 baht off. I fell for your little trick and frankly, I’m not happy. You’re welcome for giving you free credit for your own use.

  2. Hello Kumar,
    It’s been wonderful day i would like to ask a question due to I’ve never used UBER before

    Does Uber apps applicable to pay in cash or it just accept credit cards?

    Anyway may i get the latest promo code because i will be going to Bkk in the month of June
    Thx ?

  3. Don’t believe this cheater. UBER in Thailand is the worst compared to other countries, but unfortunately still one of the few options to use.

  4. Hi, i’m going to Bangkok next month. Do you know where is the best pick up point to wait for your uber in Suvarnabhumi Airport? Thanks!

    • Faisal,
      Once you are in the airport, the app will identify you that you are in airport and give you options to select a Door Number. The best spot for pick up is to select Door Number 8 or 9. You can see the door number in big letter on the Glass at every exit, just take that door and go all the way out towards the end about 100 meters, where you will see the road where cars, small vans will be moving, thats where the Uber drivers pick up. Watch for the drivers car number, you will be able to find them easily.


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