Vasan Dental Care at KPHP in Hyderabad Review

We have got introduced to Vasan dental care with a free coupon/ad that we got from the Vasan Eye Care. We thought of checking it out. We have visited to Vasan Dental Care about four times over a period of year and half for a variety of treatments. Let me share our experience.

Vasan Dental Care KPHB Hyderabad Review

What is Good about Vasan Dental Care in Kukatpally Housing Board ?

  • The treatment is very good from our experience. The first time we visited for extracting a molar and it went well. The surgery was done by a specialist. They always give the job to a specialist.
  • The second visit was for a broken tooth and it was handled by a guy, he recommend that we go for root canal and did some primary root canal. The second sitting of root canal was done by a specialist. What I have heard from her is that Vasan has strict policy on the specialist and they do not take anyone without Masters (MD ) for doing that job. It was good to know…The lady probably did some 400 root canals to get certified…that’s what I heard
  • They have advanced equipment to take the XRay and see the live preview when doing root canal, it helps
  • The ambiance is good and all the doctors we have spoke to at least four of them have been very good.

What is NOT good about Vasan Dental Care at KPHB ?

  • They are very expensive. The initial price for check-up looks cheap, but I compared with others, they are costly.
  • Their service is horrible, the scheduling people at the front desk are hopeless. They promise that they will schedule and call you, but nothing happens, I had to call multiple times and have a fight against them to get it going.
  • They charge about Rs 3500 for root canal, but others charge about 3000 INR or less
  • At times, they try to recommend you stuff that may not be required to do. Say they will tell some things that you need to do…this thing that thing…You got to be careful…Use your discretion.
  • The nurses who help the doctors were not up to the mark. some were good, some were bad.

Overall, I think that it is decent facility and they get good specialists, but they are expensive and service is horrible. So, be careful and use your discretion for any recommendations. I am planning on trying out other dentits after the horrible service issue with the scheduling. I called them three times to get an appointment and had to wait for one hour to get the treatment. I hope Vasan corporate team takes care of the service issues, if not they will lose their customers.


What are your thoughts on Vasan Dental Care in Hyderabad ?


  1. I has got a beautiful experience in vasan dental chandanagar very good doctors ans treatment I recommend this hospital fr ur needs fr many reasons

  2. I had also a very bad experience in Vasan Dental, Chandanagar Branch, they take the total amount before starting the treatment but once you pay their behavior changes.

    They cancel the appointment 1 hr before as well once you go at the time of appointment they make you wait for about 3-4 hrs

    It the worst dental clinics I have experienced. I suggest others not to ever visit Vasan.

    As most of them here mentioned they are very good initially and low cost but afterwards it is horrible

  3. Rmp doctors will treat better than this doctors.kphp branch is the worst,worst faculty in the hospital are professional.they will behave like tribal people.including doctors.please if any one want to go for dental clinic.please go for normal clinic.this clinic will take lot of money to waste our time.they will just fool us

  4. Please change receptionist at kphp branch.after consulting the doctor at kphp branch.i totally hating vasan hospitals.and I told my friends also to not goto this hospitals.please keep any management/complaint boxes.this is the worst hospital for treating patients.even govt hospital faculty will treat better then this hospital faculty

  5. This is the worst hospital that I saw.i took 999 package.but after first consultation I thought if I gave this money to bigger they will server for At least 2 days.and the logo brach is worst worst hospital

  6. Hi,
    Currently I am undergoing root canal treatment at Kukkatpally clinic. I have no issue with treatment but facing issues with front desk. The front desk team is not at all professional in scheduling the appointments. They are not informing if there is any change in the schedule. We as employees have to plan ahead to visit the hospital and get permission and apply leave in office. Unless we call them and ask they are not confirming. This is very sensitive issue and we loose hopes on the services and also loose quality time. Hope management will take stern action and correct these issues asap.
    Thanks & Regards

  7. Met worst doctor at Vasan A.S.Rao Nagar.She had no equipment ready and dint give me the appropriate treatment.The filling which she put went off in a week.

  8. hii…i wanna work as a dentist in vasan dental experience 1.5yr
    if any opportunity plz let me know

  9. My ordeals are endless with Vasan Dental. It’s been more than 4 ½ months so far; but still i couldn’t got through UR2 Teeth Implant process- which is the front teeth. Now since 16 days I am waiting for the Cap to come and for the only doctor of all Vasan Hospitals to arrive at AS Rao Nagar clinic and fix it.

    I strongly advise all, to never visit Vasan. They have only one Implantologist as Consultant, who come to Vasan Hospitals thrice in a week and rest of the days goes to some collage to teach (even road side clinics have on board Implantologists available round the clock). In the 3 days slot with Vasan, she has to take care of all 3 clinics of Vasan located at different corners of the city. Getting the Implantologist appointment is a big challenge here. I got consultation with her after 15 days….

    Doctors are not at all available at needy times. Appointments are as if for some meeting but not for treatment… after 7 days / 15 days… rubbish..

    English speaking receptionists are good for nothing. They give appointment and when you reach hospital; doctor complains that they don’t know we (patient) are coming… frequency of happening is 40% with me. I was complained by doctors for twice….

    I bet, had I not taken treatment in Vasan, I could have saved 1½ month time and huge money and could have better attending doctors.

  10. Hi dear u r very right they have showed me treatments which were not required and listening to them is I made the horrible mistake of my life wasting my money and time the services are very very expensive for even the simplest procedures I highly will not ever recommend going to vasan dental clinics in Hyderabad as they are only fooling people.. I agree to everything they said like I was hypnotized again and again .. Worst experience I remorse of putting my so much big amount of money for nothing.

  11. Vasant Dental care on 3rd Avenue, Anna Nagar is a terrible place and one should never step in under any circumstances.

    I went for a tooth filling and the doctor drilled under my tongue. I complained about the tongue pain during the process and the attending doctor explained, since my mouth is small she couldn’t manage to keep my tongue away and it’s a minor prick.

    Since my tongue was bleeding, I asked my husband to check and he found a deep hole at the base. On further complaint, another doctor from the same clinic explained it’s a cut and ideally to be stitched. Though their words kept changing, on further interaction. We requested for a diagnosis summary which all of them kept refusing to give.

  12. Vasan Dental care seems to be a very good hospital but no.The staff over there are not even +2 passed.I visited a doctor for a preliminary dental check up for a small cavity in my wisdom tooth.Her only suggestion was to go for extraction a.k.a removal of the tooth.Then she immediately told me to go for an X-ray.A small girl who is not even 17 or 18 years old took me to X-Ray room.She struggled several times to switch on the machine.Finally she was able to do it after Half-an-hour.She took the X-ray without giving me a shield to cover my body….This is my experience with Vasan Dental care.

    • I visited in Vasan Dental care Banjara Hills i got good experience with front desk and doctors, especially i have to say about front desk, they are scheduling the appointments and timings very nicely

  13. Review:
    All Vasan Dental cares are waste. They charge initial consultation as 100/- which seems to be attractive to visit these clinics but if you go for any treatment they will loot you. I went for simple pain in the teeth and the doctor gave quotation around 10,000/- for various silly problems in my teeth. And one more suggestion, Never say you work in software, then they will loot you completely. I had this worst experience in Chandanagar Vasan Dental care.


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