Tupperware Water bottles India Review

Tupperware Water bottle is something that every household uses today. It is not officially sold in any of the shops or any supermarkets, because it is the sales strategy of Tupperware.

What is good about TupperWare Water Bottle ?

  • The bottle is unbreakable.
  • It is good to hold it in hand. I really like the way they have designed it as well. There are many clones today that look like Tupperware, but the design of the bottle is patented. You know how patents go in India.
  • You can leave water in it for couple of days and you do not get any foul smell, normal water bottles usually give us plastic smell, but the Tupperware bottle does not give any foul smell.
  • They have a life time guarantee on the bottle. What it means that you can return the water bottle to the authorized person who is selling the bottle and get a replacement, if the bottle breaks.
  • The lids are very friendly to open, no hassle to use any cloth. The extra projection of the bottle helps the opening of the bottle


What is NOT good about the TupperWare water bottle ?

  • It is expensive, you can buy many bottles for the same price.


Honestly other than price, I do not see many drawbacks. Also, the big catch is…it is a water bottle, think of it how many years would you use it ? It would get some scratches and lose some of the nice look….it will not break, but would look with scratches and all…so people will eventually buy a new one.

Overall, it is a good bottle to buy for drinking water and would prefer it any day. What are your thoughts?




  1. My Tupperware bottle broke. oh yeah! it is an original. My mom gave it to me as a gift and then one day out of nowhere boom broken. I still have that broken bottle and can prove it. No jokes.

    P.s. Don’t go by the net name it helps me keep my privacy.


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