Vatican City Museum Visits – Save Money, Tips, Audio Guide Rip off ?

Vatican City is a great place to visit, but you will feel that you are being ripped off everywhere as it is super touristy and money is taken for everything. Below are some tips to avoid such rip offs.

Take Reservations 

Audio Guide – Carry Headphones – Rip off 

  • Firstly Audio Guide is about 7 Euro for standard and you get a device where you have to hold it next to your ear like a phone and it can be very frustrating. I thought we take a headphones by paying 1.5 Euro more and two of us can share. But, to my surprise, they gave a head phone with only one earpiece. I am like what the hell ?  I asked for a refund and they denied it. I ended up paying for another one and lost money.  We forgot to carry head phones. So, make sure you carry headphones with you so that you avoid rip off. It was very bad quality ear phone and they did not work even.
  • Everything is money in Vatican City and you are ripped off as a tourist. So, be prepared.

Food in Vatican City :

  • Do not eat anything inside the vatican museums, they are low quality and does not feel good. All you need to do is get out of exit and eat outside in a nice restaurant for a cheaper price and better quality.

Download, Google Maps, Here We go Apps :

  • You should have Here we Go app. Firstly, it is free and secondly, it has option to download maps offline and gives you free walking directions when offline. Just download the city map ahead of time and you will be covered.
  • Also, have Google Maps app and select area of Rome and Vatican city and download offline maps for the same, these are great for Restaurant reviews.
  • You can use both these apps for directions and reviews. Google Maps does not have offline directions for walking as of 2017, but they may add it later. So, you need Here we go App for it.
  • We managed without Wifi or internet with these apps.

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