Is it worth taking reservations for Colosseum, Vatican City ?

On our 3 day travel in Rome, we realized how touristy the place Rome and Vatican City can be. Initially, when we researched about the place and what tickets to buy in advance, there were many suggestions online that recommended reservations, but they were expensive like 4 Euro more for 16 euro Ticket in Vatican City, it is kind of expensive…nevertheless we bought it and I can tell you it is worth it.

Vatican City – Long lines – Must take Reservations 

Vatican City Museums has tremendously long lines and it can take you ages to get through it. They ask for reservations and if you don’t have it, you end up paying more for skip the line tour guides there. You have a 30 min slot reservations and you should carry the same printed out. There is a QR Code that is all which is needed. It takes you 4 more Euro, but worth it for sure. Also, make sure you take the morning slot as there is a lot to cover in the museums.

Colosseum – Super Long lines 

Colosseum was even worse than Vatican city and we saw some lines like 1 to 2 hour wait times. The good part is that there is no additional fee for this. All you need is an email print out that you got. Even, if you cannot print tickets online, it is fine, just need that confirmation. You can read How to use online email confirmation at Colossuem and process  . The place is super crowded and ton of people will try to sell you on how to skip lines by paying extra…so, dont fall into that situation and buy tickets in advance.

What was your experience in Colossum and Vatican City ?

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