WIPRO, WASE Program for B.Sc graduates – Review

Q) How did you get introduced to WIPRO WASE Program?

One of my cousins got selected into WIPRO under WASE (Wipro Academy of Software Excellence) program with B.Sc qualification. This was through On Campus Recruitment. When asked for my advice, whether to take it up or not, I googled a lot and observed that there were mixed opinions on this program. The most highlighted one being the stress. Recently my cousin got the hard copy of offer letter and then instructions to follow up for joining in this program. My confusion and doubts also increased with that. Fortunately WIPRO has conducted an interactive session to clear all the doubts which are common for the selected candidates. I also attended the session along with my cousin at WIPRO, Hyderabad Campus and I should tell you that it was an awesome initiative to conduct the session, so wonderfully and it indeed gave lot of clarity in taking the right decision. I’ll try to explain the things that I understood better about this program in that session.

Q) What do you like about WIPRO WASE Program?

1) Vision: Wipro’s vision of providing awesome opportunity for B.Sc graduates to start out early  and shape out a technical career and settle in life, though they haven’t gone through technical courses like B.Tech and MCA. It’s indeed an awesome opportunity to strike back in career for all those who couldn’t either make it or afford Technical degree/PG.

2) Amendments: Wipro’s care to ease out the process as much as it can, to help students. The initiatives taken and the amendments made in recent years depict that Wipro is ready to do anything reasonable to help the students.

3) Stress Factor (Managing Work and Study) : One of the most highlighted problems with WIPRO WASE program by candidates pursuing it and who have already completed or quit from it, is about STRESS. I too had this apprehension on how would a person manage 5 day work load, immediately followed up by two day classes from BITS, Pilani without any break. One of the organizers clarified this point that the classes over the weekend will be only on one day, either Saturday or Sunday. So, one day leave per week is guaranteed, which is quite reasonable because along with working on projects as a Student, the candidate has to complete the MS Program from BITS, so some time has to be spent on it. Dedicating one day/half day per week for MS program looks justified.

4) WIPRO WASE vs MCA: In the Interactive Session, one of the highlights was the interaction with the WIPRO WASE students who have already completed the program with flying colors. It was interesting to see all the three of them to be in Team Lead kind of positions. The spark in their eyes was visible and they are definitely not those unhappy souls dragged to fake smiles and cheat people. The urge to help out juniors was obvious in them. Kudos to these students. The Organizers were excellent, especially the lead one, Narendra Babu G who stole the show, with his patience, spontaneity, intelligence in framing the session and gave awesome clarity to all the parents. He himself did a tough interview kind of session with the three students of WIPRO and also tried his best to cover on the other side of the program, not only on the benefits. The WASE students shared their happiness and clarified that they never felt stress managing work and study. They advised the selected candidates to grab this opportunity and not to forgo this opportunity for MCA. They suggested students to use the opportunity in their hands as it might so happen that even after completing MCA, the same student might sit in the same room, taking induction. They advised not missing out the most valuable Industry experience of 3 years for MCA.

5) Service Agreement (Rs 75,000) : Earlier it was mandatory to deposit Rs 75000 at the time of joining and whoever wants to quit the program will not get it back and only when a candidate successfully completes the program he would get it back. But now, this deposit is not taken and only if a candidate quits the program then he has to pay this amount. This is a very good move from WIPRO as it is not easy for B.Sc graduates to get such huge amount for deposit. This brought more positive vibes over the program. Also the WASE program head, clarified that BOND in India is illegal and this should not be referred as BOND and it is in fact a Service Agreement between Wipro and the student. They also added that they charge this amount because Wipro pays the tuition fee for MS Program to BITS, Pilani.

6) Work Location: There’s no guarantee that a candidate will be posted in a particular location but it was hinted that the joining location would mostly be in the order of preference given by student at the time of selection. It was also added that a candidate can be posted to any location in India, during the WASE program also, depending on the Projects available or the project the candidate working on. However, there’s a provision to request for transfer in work location and Wipro would do its best to satisfy the candidate’s expectation by checking out the Projects availability. This transfer can be worked out in a 6 month time frame as only after a semester completion, a candidate can be transferred.

It looked like Wipro was cautious not to set any high expectations about the working location just to be on safe side but when we checked the female students who have already finished the program they clarified that they got their preferred location and were never transferred in between.

7) BITS, MS Program full time or part time: WIPRO, WASE program is treated equivalent to the full time course by BITS.

8) Why only WIPRO for B.Sc freshers ? Companies like Infosys, TCS, Mahindra Satyam also hire B.Sc graduates and also have Post Graduate Degree plans for these students but none of them have a program so well streamlined like WASE and Wipro is definitely far ahead all of them. If a candidate enters other company with B.Sc qualification he has to take care of Post Graduate degree but in Wipro, the company takes care of most of the things. However the salary for B.Sc freshers, are better in other companies than in Wipro for the obvious reasons of Wipro bearing the MS Program expenses.

9) Miscellaneous:

a)      If a candidate has personal emergencies like health problems, he can extend the program and finish it in more than four years.

b)      Stipend is fixed as mentioned in the offer letter. However there could be project bonuses depending on the Project the student is working on. Salary after the completion of WASE program would be based on the candidate’s performance in Projects that he has worked on and also on the excellence demonstrated in WASE program.

c)       WASE, Ms program exams are of two types, open book and closed book type and are quite easy to manage for sincere students.

d)      Students get vast exposure to various technical streams like Programming Languages, DBMS, Operating Systems, Domains etc

e)      Hundreds of students have successfully completed the program and many are still continuing in WIPRO and also reached positions like Project Manager.

Q) Do you want to suggest anything on WIPRO WASE Program ?

Inspite of providing so many benefits to students, still the underlying business reason to go for B.Sc graduates is obvious that they come for cheap price when compared to B.Tech/MCA graduates. The stipend (as they refer Salary) looks less when compared to Industry salaries for B.Tech/MCA freshers. After getting into the job, this would definitely be pinching the B.Sc graduates who work along with B.Tech freshers who have just a year more academic education but draw double their salary/stipend. Wipro should revive the perks for WASE students which will definitely motivate many students to join in this program.

It’s an interesting catch 22 situation for B.Sc student, as it takes more time for him to get in at a good payroll by completing MCA and getting in to mainstream or by taking up WASE kind of job and start with less pay and gradually grow in career. WIPRO looks like capitalizing the situation by providing mutual benefits. If they revive WASE stipend, then students will be happier.

Q) Any final words about WIPRO WASE Program?

Most of my doubts and confusion got cleared in the interactive session and now I’m strongly recommending my cousin to join in WIPRO WASE program even if the joining location is different than the preferred one. It’s definitely an opportunity which should not be missed, if only for an MCA degree.


  1. But I recommend not go for Wipro.Its salaly is too low.and after 4 year you also got 22k .but this 22k is your not cash in hand .cash in hand is just like 18-19k . It’s not a full time degree.and 75k service agreement. Wipro gives you too much pressure. 5 says Work and 1 or 2 days Study.life is like hell . It’s better to go for MCA or MSC,You will get more Salary and if you complete the MCA and your salary start from 30k to 60k.I strongly recommend to go for MCA

  2. I was selected for the wase program. I was confused here the main problem is the certificate. Other companies will consider them as part time then what is the use of doing or getting the certificate??

  3. Only stipend is not enough you are loosing on your pf savings, gratuity , moreover when certifications like SAP , salesforce can offer you expertise within few months why wait for 4 years and only benefit Azim Premji, This program is in itself violation of human rights, no innovation only be present in Wipro campus for 9.5 hours so that Azim Premji can earn billions , this is not the way, the MS degree has no value in company like Infosys and FYI Infosys does not offer any such program, this program is intended to intensify rivalry between engineers and BSC graduate, its divide an rule mechanism, social instability is definite outcome, finally BE and MCA passout joinings are delayed indefinitely , and the motive behind endangering engineering profession is successfully achieved and above all India will remain poor forever and wealth will be concentrated in the hands of 1% rich.

  4. Hi All,

    I am Deshwanth, recently i have applied for Wipro wase Program. Plesae let me know about selection process and further steps.

  5. Hey I want to know that. Wase program through wipro is it really valueable in MNC.. Because I hear that their is not consider by other companies because it is not regular degree and out of India MTECH Degree is not valid.. Can you clear my all doubt

  6. im cmpleting my bcom (ca)
    i got a selection in wipro program what r the job opportunities in other contries?
    can i continue my job in wipro after 4 yr of cource?
    plss answer me

  7. I am selected in wipro for wase program. Can i will get working experience certificate for 4 years if i want to leave wipro??

    • you will get traning certificate of 4 years..bcz wipro is providing mtech full time degree soo..full time degree with job experience is not possible.

  8. Hi sir,
    I am selected for the wipro wase programme,and i got my enrollment letter last month.I just want to know when will i get information about my joining date and place of training.

  9. do you have any idea if I can continue my studies of WISTA by paying the Fee from hand even after I change the company after 2 or 3 years. Is there any option for it

  10. Hi sir,
    my query is i have done a mistake i.e., i gave my 10 and +2 percentage wrong
    may it causes any rejection in future i am so tensed about this so can you please help me in this sir,
    Thanking you.

  11. Sir,
    This year 2015 it has been noticed that wase /wista is recruting at it’s highest numbers. Will all of them get allocated in good Domain’s as in Deve;lopment and testing and others but not in CSE?

    Thank You

  12. This program is waste. Wipro changed policies and now its not MS its Mtech.
    Eligibility for getting mtech is that you have to complete BE/B.Tech with 60% aggregate. Otherwise you are a degree graduate ie, B.Sc/BCA , first of all you have to complete masters in your field ie ( M.Sc/MCA). After that only you can join for MTech. For engineering students, they can directly join for M.Tech. But for Bsc/BCA student, they have to complete their master’s in their respective field. Here Wipro offers mtech directly after B.Sc/BCA.
    This program is fine if you continue in Wipro itself. If you move to some other companies with this M.Tech, they will surely ask you ” what about your master’s? Without M.Sc how can you join for M.Tech”.
    And in their policy they saying that they are giving certificates without showing how many years you studied and will not show any years. I have one question, without year of passing whether a degreee certifiacte is valid? In every degree we will get semster wise marklist and it contain year and semster. Just Think.!

    So my advice for you “Be Aware”

    • it is possible to do m.tech for the b.sc. graduate it is not possible if we want to directly take admission in m.tech after b.sc. but it is possible through WILP(WORK INTEGRATED LEARNING PROGRAM) that is being run by a no of IT COMPANIES like SAP LABS ,WIPRO AND TECH MAHINDRA. SO IT IS NOT WASTE. IT IS BEST

  13. Sir,
    i have completed my graduation b.sc. with computer application Hons. and selected for the WiSTA program Now I am totally confused what should i join? will after every 6 months i have to change my place? study only one day in a week will help me to pass in the examination of M.tech? Knowledge will enough for further studies like P.hd and jobs in government sectors ? which one is best MCA from NIT’s or WIPRO Wista cources? Please sir help me…..

  14. Pls don’t join the stupid wase programme .. u will be forced to work in unrelated projects and waste your valuable time for 4 years .. for example : u might be trained in java and you will be forced to work in excel sheet .. this is a complete bull shit .. !! I’ve been working in wipro for 1.5 yrs as wase programme ..will quit soon.. FOR HEAVEN SAKE DONT JOIN THIS SHIT !!!

  15. Hi All,

    you must write your queries to manager.campus@wipro.com to get the correct information from the company.
    For details you can check on careers.wipro.com


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