Image Hospitals Madhapur-Hyderabad- Review – Ankle Fracture treatment

As I fell down, while driving bike and I was around Jublie Hills checkpost area, in Hyderabad I ended up going to Image Hospitals located in Madhapur, which they boast to be super speciality Hospital.

How was Image  Hospital ?

Well, I did not get a chance to visit all of hospital…but just emergency ward. It was not too bad..

How was the service ? How was the doctor ?

Service was NOT good. The Doctor did not create trust in me. He was just taking it very lightly. He asked me to get X-Ray for Ankle. I went down stairs with my uncle, the lady who was supposed to take X-Ray did not seem to be qualified…She was not even positioning my leg in proper position for X-Ray…She acted as if I was an Untouchable.  The doctor did not explain me clearly. I was very unhappy with the doctor. He did not give any guidance, etc. All he did was put a POP Cast on my leg and said take 6 weeks rest.

Did they Over do ? Was it expensive ?

They created hyped to the small injury and charged 5000 rupees for small hairline fracture in Injury. I stayed on bed for 30 min. They charged 650 rupees for that. The doctor fee was 1300 rupees. All the treatment was done in less than an hour. I was shocked by the way they charged. They just overcharged and the service was terrible.

What do you recommend for Image Hospitals ?

Well, they have to give proper service for the price they are charging to patient. The doctor has to be courteous enough to take 10 min and explain the injury and tell what to do and what not to do.  The pricing for everything has to reconsidered. Come on, 650 rupess for 30 min usage of bed ?   As a hospital they have to build trust rather than ruining their name as overcharging and over hype private hospital.

Would you visit Image Hospital Again ?

Probably NOT. I lost trust in hospital. I could have got the same service done for less than 2000 rupees, where they charged 5000 rupees. Also, the service was terrible. Unless they change their hospital practices, I would not visit them.






  1. My experience with the image hospital has been very good. My wife got delivered in IMAGE HOSPITAL and it was a high risk delivery but everything was handled very well by the hospital staff especially by IMAGE DOCTORS. And we were very satisfied with the facilities that they provide. And now we are expecting our second baby and this time as well we consult IMAGE HOSPITAL.
    The hospital is costlier but if you compare the services and care that they give to their patient I think it is nothing.

  2. Hey come on that hospitals not a govt they have to paid the doctors as big amount and corporate…… I also went for same reason but they have treat me very well.


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