Aadhar Card (UID number) registration – Review


For some time I have been observing lot of buzz around Aadhar Card that it is going to be the most significant card for many Government and Private services for an individual. But I didn’t care much and was in a dilemma whethere to take it at my native place or at the current location. Then came the right twist of enforcing strict rules in Gas service..etc common household needs. The local municipality has realized that many people are not taking Aadhar card seriously and so mandated it for Gas supply. This gave the first alarm and I was immediately looking for the procedure to register.

On an high level I understood that using Aadhar Card, the Government Of India is trying to identify each and every citizen of India on the likes of Social Security Number in United States.  It was headed by Nandan Nilekani initially.


There’s a community hall in near by our locality and the Aadhar Card registrations were happening there. To my surprise,  unlike other government works,  this looked to be more streamlined and well organized. There were people at reception who were patiently clarifiying all the doubts a typical individual would get.

Based on the number of people in the family, they give the respective form. I took for 2 members, I and my wife. The form was very easy to fill and liked the way. The document proofs asked were also less, like one photo and one address proof. There are no strict rules though.

The most common problem faced by many tenants in Cities like Hyderabad, is how to get an Electricity Bill or similar bill on our name when we are just tenants. Aadhar card doesn’t mandate it and they would consider even if the address is not on the candidate’s name.  Voter Card serves as both photo and address proof and if you have it on the current residential address that would serve the purpose of proofs.

Another common problem is,  the husband would be having an identity proof and the spouse wouldn’t. Even in this case, the restrictions are quite relaxed and if minimum proofs are given they would accept. After submitting the form with the copies of proofs, they would give the time on when to come for Photo, Iris and Finger prints and return the forms to us. I liked this procedure of giving the slots for us to avoid infinite delays.

For us it was the next day morning and we reached sharp on time and could complete the process in just 10 minutes. Better be early on your time. They had arranged multiple counters for this and so though there were many people, there was not much waiting time.

Another interesting and quite impressive thing that I observed is, the staff were taking lot of care in taking the Iris and Finger prints correctly and so patiently were asking the individuals to pay more attention. After that they give us time to check all our details so that the frequent complaints on corrections of names and details can be edited immediately. In voter card registration this step is not practised and every second voter card proves to be errorneous. Appreciate the directions give to staff in feeding accurate details.

That’s it we were done with the registration and were given the acknowledgment. We were told that it takes atleast 45 days to get the actual card. The acknowledgement can be produced for Gas Supply kind of services.


  1. I had raised an online correction regarding my name change in Aadhar SSUP web portal service on 21.05.2017 & shockingly i got my name corrected on 23.05.2017 . Really splendid job by the BPOs (Karvy)

  2. Hey adhaar department,

    I have a feedback for you guys. My photo on aadhar card looks nothing like i look in real life. So, i am suggesting that you should accept a person’s selfie or a photo chosen by the person himself/herself.

    Thank You!

  3. sir, we are government officials and donot find time to go in que and my children are studying professional courses. so please see that these people are given separate time or allot door no wise date. so that we can apply leave on that day and can utilise the opportunity. this may be the case for so many officials or employees. please take note of it and do the needful.
    thank you

  4. respected sir/madam

    sir/madam i am submited my document for the aadharcard but in the acknowledgement resident copy
    the bhiwandi pincode is writen incorect
    please do the corection of pin code and send it as early as possible

    bhiwandi pincode:421302

    date of submition of document:24/08/2011

  5. i visited adhar kendra distribution opp gnanaprakasah school, belika halli. IT handled very hapazard mananer , Hopeless people, there is nobody to maintain the queque, nobody to give the correct information. inspite of producing correct original documents some people we not allowed. The ahdar card process people, looks like just out of high school, there was so mach carelessness and they are very lazy to tear the acknowledgement and give it to people. The people who came were asked to tear and give. Never saw such a hopeless management here.

  6. The Idea of AADHAR card id very good but the quality of the card they providing is too bad, we cant keep it with us in pockets and all and, Not even a plastic card they gave. so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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