St. Joseph Public School, Anantapur – Review

*  My association with this school is very emotional as I have studied from LKG to 8th  standard in this school till year 1996.  I still remember those days and many of the teachers who moulded our initial life.

* Sashikala madam is a great inspiration and has handled the role of Principal with finesse for a very long period.

* Rajamani Madam is one elder lady who proves us that passion for anything keeps you going irrespective of your age.

* Drill Teacher Jhansi Madam is also great and brave lady who can control students with her eyes.

* We  feel great that we were gifted with the chance of studying CBSE syllabus in a town like Anantapur. Many students got good introduction to English and Hindi from this School.

* I always regard my parents decision of choosing St. Joseph Pulic School, as the best one they made for me and my siblings.

* It has been very long that I visited the school but the memories are live. In this era of jammed school premises, St. Joseph still have decent playground and infrastructure. It has evolved as one of the finest and best institutions in Anatapur District with many laurels on its side.

* It is the school that got us introduced to Computer with games like Digger, Paratroopers, Pac Man and languages like BASIC.

* It also promoted the culture of using Library effectively. I still wonder how they managed to have a great deal of collection in the early 1990s.

* It used to encourage us a lot in participating in Inter-School, District Competitions on Quiz, Sports etc. It also has Annual Day every year and organizes it very well. National Celebrations like August 15th and Republic Day are a treat to watch in St. Joseph Public School.

* Three of my relatives are studying in this school and they also feel great about it.

* Almost all my classmates and schoolmates who studied in the premier Institute have settled down very well in their lives and I strongly recommend it.


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