Beam Cable alias Beam Fiber Broadband, Hyderabad – Review


I first heard from Beam Cable some time in 2004 when they were aggressively marketing it as a new age revolution in broadband Internet service using Optical Fiber. From then owing to the limitations in the area coverage I couldn’t try their service and so chanced upon Reliance Broadband and a Local Service Provider before.

Reliance Broadband was very good but as I had to shift my location had to quit it. In the new area there were no players and had to depend on Local provider who gave me many nightmares. Finally I had to shift once again and this time luckily had Beam cable and Airtel coverage.

Many of my colleagues were using Airtel and were pretty satisfied with it but I wanted to try out Beam Cable for its tempting speed. The installation was smooth as the response time from the Beam Cable was decent enough. I took this connection in 2009 and from then onwards my feeling over Bream Cable/ Beam Fiber has been dillydallying but I’ve stayed with them.


– Obviously speed. Beam Cable continues to dazzle its customers with amazing internet speeds. With in a very short span, my plans got upgraded from 512 Mbps to 1 Mbps and then to 2 Mbps and I was awestruck when they upgraded to 10 Mbps from 2Mbps just like that and for free !!! All these upgrades were done by them very quickly and with no extra charge.  Looks like they always want to surprise the customers.

Now I get about 1 Mbps download speed which I never dreamt also. Now I need not wait for buffering in video streaming sites.

– Offering Internet with just a LAN cable plugged to your Ethernet card. With the days of Modem and many device installations in place, the installation of Beam Cable is very smooth. The simple plug and play system is really handy.

– If there is an outage, they promptly send SMS informing the same.

Low lights:

– Customer service is the biggest problem with Beam Cable. Once in a month or two I keep getting Network Cable Unplugged error. Filing the complaint itself is a very big task . We will be asked to wait for a very long time over phone as the Incoming call rate for Beam Cable is very high. I noted the time also in many occasions and it went up to 5 mins sometimes. This is really frustrating. But the only encouraging part is, once you are successful in filing the complaint, they are good in resolving  the issue as soon as possible.

– Many of my friends who use Beam Cable have complained about one common problem. If you are Beam Cable customer and have shifted your location then shifting your Internet connection would be a nightmare. Many people struggled like hell to get the Beam Cable connection in the new location under the same account.

Bottom line:

It is hard for anyone to beat Beam Fiber in speed. 10 Mbps for Rs 1000/- !!! Can’t ask for more. But on support they’ve to definitely catch up.  Airtel is best on support but charge Rs 1000/- for 2 Mbps. So infact a tough decision to make between the two.  A tough competition is going between Beam Fiber and Airtel, the former trying to prove on customer service and the latter on speed.


  1. Hi,
    I am new customer of beam fiber internet and even befor a month i decided to cancel this worst service. Last friday because of rain in Hyderabad my internet was gone and it was very hard to get connect with customer care. If you are lucky then you can have a chance to talk with cc.
    After spending 15 rs every time i got chance to complain about issue but till Monday no solution. I am not sure when they will fix it.
    I complained 3 times but they are not really care about service. They just send a sms after every complain.
    Don’t go for beam. You will lose your money, time and energy.
    Total waste

  2. I’m the current active customer of Beam Internet.

    Beam Internet – WORST SERVICE.

    They did not installed the new internet connection for a week now.

    If something goes wrong and you need some service from Beam Internet, then you’re gone. They’ll take 1 week of time to fix your issues.

    Better go for Airtel (who can provide better service) !

    I used to call them every day and each day the answer from them is “Please give us 24 hours of time, we’ll fix it”.
    I spoke to supervisors of Beam Internet, even they’ve promised saying issue will be resolved in 24 hours, but nothing got resolved.

    I requested them to give the money back, then they said they cannot give the money back too.

    So friends, think about it before you opt for beam internet.

  3. Hello,

    I raised a request two days back and did follow up with several of your customer care executives (Pradeep, Reena, Pallavi, Alia and Preeeti) and supervisors (Mahesh and Priya) but unfortunately none of them helped me. I spent whole day following up with your team and three hours on call. They just kept me promising for immediate resolution and call back which never happened in last two days. And the worst is, your team closed the ticket without resolving the issue and without confirming with me.

    When I contacted them, instead of re-opening the same ticket (so that they can do the same follow up), they created another ticket and now asking for another 24 hours for resolution. Is this because your team is trying to hide their failure in resolving the issue on time? Why did they close my ticket and why did they open a new ticket instead of re-opening existing one? Did they do this to get another 24 hours of SLA time with new ticket?

    This is my worst experience with customer support, I am sorry to say but your customer support seriously lacks professional ethics and don’t know how to value their own commitments. I had to be on hold for more than 30 minutes to talk to supervisors but unfortunately they were not different and were not responsive, they also promised to respond back but they never did.

    First ticket # 14419174
    Second ticket # 14440647

    Please note, this is the third time I had raise a complaint for your service in last one month. Last two times, I was promised of permanent fix and this problem keeps re-occurring.


  4. Hi,

    I have taken broadband connection, 50MBPS for 6 months and paid advance amount of 3200.Since the day one service is not good.I have been calling and communicating with the customer care all the time. with in 60 days, you believe it or not, 40 complaints raised.

    The horrible problem I am facing with Hathway is UPLOAD speed is ZERO, which makes unable to send any mail. Keep requesting Hathway to terminate my connection for the last 2 weeks. send several mails and calling to customer care every day 3, 4 times.

    still now, there is no feed back.

    Stay away form it and be happy.Its been very very terrible experience with Hathway.




  5. Hello,
    I am requesting and sharing my experience for who using beam Internet in Hyderabad …

    I never …never seen this kind of worat and pathetic service by beam.
    I have rised the issue 23rd aug for net is not working … Today 30th but no one attended for the call … I am keep calling them but no use of it ….
    If any one is using beam provider …YOU WAST YOUR TIME AND MONEY….Pls….pls DO NOT USE BEAM INTER NET….


  6. 27-Nov-2013 : Power cut and Beam telecom disconnects … the same story of 16-Oct-2013. I never understand something from Beam Bullshit company… if they are really installing battery, why is that the battery dies out in one month? the reality is they don’t install any battery.. they just cheat the customers. And to haunt me, they want my mobile number on public portals like this page.

  7. Review Sent by user to Admin on Beamtelecom
    Review Title : A Horror called Beam Telecom

    Name: Murali Krishna Vemuri
    Review ! : Every single line mentioned below is completely true, and verifiable with Beam Telecom. I am ready to give a testimony before any court as well.

    August 2nd week 2013: the biggest ever mistake of my life, I chose Beam Telecom. Oh God! What was wrong with me.

    21-Aug-2013: whenever there is a power cut, the beam telecom gets disconnected. I call up the beam telecom service center. they say . We will install a battery at our L2 Switch, so you will not have problem.

    22-Aug-2013: Beam telecom calls me and says “we installed a battery”.

    12-Oct-2013: The service is gone. no idea what is going on. So, I lodge a complaint.

    13-Oct-2013: No body turns up to check the problem.

    14-Oct-2013: No body turns up to check the problem.I remind you nobody visited my house; but some female calls me on phone and says “We did everything from our end sir. it must be your computer problem”. So, I challenged .”I will pay you a 1000 rupees if you have guts to visit my place and prove it. still nobody had the ba* s to visit my place.

    15-Oct-2013: I shout again at beam telecom. so finally one guy comes to my door. and check the switch box they have installed and declares. sir your cable is plugged out.

    16-Oct-2013: power cut, and beam telecom is disconnected. I call up, and report that a battery must be added

    17-Oct-2013: A female calls from beam telecom and says “we installed a battery”.

    21-Oct-2013: Power cut, and beam telecom is disconnected. I call up and shout, and try to reason. a battery has a life of 18 months, if you have installed a battery, what happened. no answer.

    15-Nov-2013: God! beam telecom is disconnected. I file a complaint. as usual nobody visits.

    16-Nov-2013: Nobody visits to check the problem

    17-Nov-2013: I shout yet again on the call center of beam telecom. and after 45min 16 sec of shouting, somebody visits my house to check and cables are plugged out again.

    I have a recorded video that this was done by Beam Telecom Worker themselves.

    Boss never and never do the mistake of subscribing to Beam Telecom. The organization as such is joke by itself and full of parasites just trying to take money.

    • Hello,

      We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience. We will make sure the problem gets resolved at the earliest. Please provide us your registered contact number or a Customer ID and we will get back to you ASAP.

      Beam Fiber

      • Moron! check my name if you have anything called a database of customers and a working brain in your head. you will find how many complaints I had been raising and how pathetic is your response.

  8. Hello leelakrishna,

    We would like to inform you that due to Fair Usage Policy, you are unable to get the speed which you are entitled for.

    Your Download Monthly Fair Usage Limit is (25GB).

    Speed will be reset to on 1st of every month.

    As per our records, your usage is (28GB) which has exceeded the Download Monthly Fair Usage Limit.

    In case, If you feel the package which you subscribed is not sufficient with the Fair Usage Data Limit. All we suggest you is to choose a better Package according to your monthly usage which would be convenient for you to enjoy our services with a better speed.

    A more detailed usage report is available on the ‘FAQ’s ‘ page on

    Please accept our sincerest apology for delay in addressing your issue.

    Beam Fiber

  9. ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Beam Telecom – Nodal Officer
    Date: Tuesday, November 5, 2013
    Subject: Re: [Ticket#2013102810008941] service24-103

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused on account of service. I am looking at your complaint personally and will ensure it is resolved without any further delay. Our team member will contact you shortly for an appointment and subsequent action.

    Thanks and Regards
    Nodal Officer

    11/04/2013 20:40 – leelakrishna sarepalli wrote:
    You could not keep up with the promised service at times for any of tickets.

    Your executive made a fool out of me by making me wait at home for last 4 hours.
    And customer service raising number of tickets for their satisfaction.

    Anyways it’s my mistake I trusted Beam service. I suppose this brings to an end.
    I am looking for alternative and no longer need your services.

    On Monday, November 4, 2013, leelakrishna sarepalli wrote:
    I am at my home waiting for beam cable guy to correct the connection from last couple of hours

    I spoke to guys 4 times today. No proper response

    As for last conversation the ticket 1008573 should be resolved by now 24 hours maximum

    I told you how important it is for me today to get connected

    This is it. Either please resolve the issue today or take the connection back now

    On Monday, November 4, 2013, leelakrishna sarepalli wrote:
    Again, another ticket closed and new ticket opened for same problem
    And activate my account with no further delay

    Please resolve the ticket 1008573 as soon as possible

    Send your agent to collect money from my home

    660 for first month and 337 for relocation charges

    I have to start using it from today

    This is very urgent. In case it is not possible today, please call me.

    On Saturday, November 2, 2013, Beam Telecom – Nodal Officer wrote:
    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused on account of service. I am looking at your complaint personally and will ensure it is resolved without any further delay. Our team member will contact you shortly for an appointment and subsequent action.

    Thanks and Regards
    Nodal Officer

    11/01/2013 18:40 – leelakrishna sarepalli wrote:
    Thank you. Your executive has contacted me on 29th October and I have provided required documents.

    It’s been 3 days, I was in contact with your executive calling 2 to 3 times a days. Everyday I was told it will be resolved on same day.. Don’t want to elaborate on stories he told me everyday.

    Today the ticket 10085672 is resolved at 4 pm and a new ticket 1081060 raised.

    As per my conversation with customer service, feasibility check was done under ticket 10085672. My surprise is it took 3 days for feasibility check and not for connection. And for ease a new ticket 1081060 is opened and I have to wait another 24 hours. Still not sure if this is last day I will have to wait.

    I had too much trusting on the beam service, and did not look out for other options. I am sure it won’t take the same amount of time..

    Please come to my place and collect money in advance and make sure all tickets are resolved by tomorrow. I am sure that would be easy for both of us. Also activate my account, so that I don’t have to wait again.

    Thank you

    On Tuesday, October 29, 2013, Beam Telecom – Nodal Officer wrote:
    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused on account of service. I am looking at your complaint

  10. My son has always used my office data card on weekends for Internet. I promised him an unlimited connection for his 16th birthday, and gifted him a Beam Fiber connection, for which he is so happy and elated… He does all his college project work, research and plays games, watches movies etc on his laptop now… The world has changed, we need to be abreast of latest technologies and have to provide our kids with the best facilities out there. Beam broadband is the best of the lot.

  11. I actually love beam fiber broadband connection… It is a commendable thing that beam is able to provide this kind of speeds at such affordable prices.
    I really get upset if the videos have to be kept for buffering and watched later on. As I work for more than 12 hours a day, and another two hours goes in commuting, I only get a few more hours to relax. I am a movie lover and watch a lot of YouTube videos. So I wanted a good broadband connection. Everyone around me suggested Beam Fiber for fast broadband connection and I thought every one cannot be wrong.
    Unlike before, I am now able to spend all my two free hours in complete entertainment, and no frustration.

  12. Do not BUY this horrible CABLE INTERNET.

    Basic summary:

    Member for 1 week now, the following problems.
    1) frequent Downtime and with no reason.
    2) Customer support always apaologize and just issue ticket numbers and dont bother about their resolution.
    3) Their customer support isnt a helpline but a complaint noting down line. All they ask me to do is to turn off and restart the wifi/modem but with zero effect.
    4) Their agents come for money collection first and service after 3 days.
    5) their basic infrastructure of the technology and hardware they use is severely faulty and requires frequent repairs and checks.

    Conclusion: Horrible experience. You are better off paying for a little more expensive providers such as airtel and atleast not boil ur blood over such issues regarding connectivity. Its only selling point is its speeds and pricing but reliability is zero. I had been an airtel user for about 3 years and only changed them because of their FUP speeds. I am going to re apply back to airtel and use their premium service which doesnt involve me increasing my blood pressure and frustration over shitty connection issues like BEAM is famous for. Residents of Hyderabad who have not had issues regarding are lucky and hope their luck continues. But bottom line is please stay away from BEAM if you want to avoid increasing ur phone bill and ur medical expenses as well.

  13. Warning! Beam Cable the Worst Local Internet Service In Hyderabad

    Since March, I am continuously had a problem and same technician was sent to my home with no proper resolution….


    I am a beamcable user for 8 to 9 years now. Since it was 24 online client, later now it moved to a portable beam page which is very iritating.. Speed has become less, support is gone for a toss. 24 hours is the ETA to fix the issue however that is not happening. All the technician met they think they are smarter than us and thus they dont take our complains or concerns seriously.
    Over phone they are hardly escalating it to the supervisor, previously I was the one who made my family and friends to use beam cable because I liked the service , speed very much. Now the situation is worst.

    I have so many tickets open , closed and escalated but the issue is not yet resolved. Now a days there is a power cut and once we get the electricity and try to use internet it wont work. This is happening over a month now and I got really frustated and thus the reason, I am writing it to you. Please look into this matter seriously or users like me will leave beam with bad impression. Our apartments has multiple connections and all of them are facing the same problem. Technician himself confirmed there is battery backup problem but he did not mention when they gonna fix it.

    this are only tickets for the month of March 2013

    Ticket numbers
    3)7945224 ,
    4) 7973167,
    5) 78834444,
    ,7) 7991127
    8) 7945224;
    9) 7973167
    10) 7945224
    11) 7973167
    12)8009953 Do you feel I should pay the bill for March month?

    Ticket No : 8067894 (for april month) ; Ticket No : 8275409 ; Ticket No : 8263272 l Ticket No:8075665 ; Ticket No:8075991

    Ticket No:8353291;Ticket No:8353275;8410391, ( For May Month)

    After looking the count of the ticket numbers…..Technicians and supervisors of Beam Cable has stopped creating Tickets ..and tried to resolve the issue …personally but it did not worked… ==My issues that I faced so Far
    1) Limited or No connectivity
    2) No Power Battery Backup (So could not use internet when there was a Power cut)
    3)Limited or No connectivity (after power comes back)
    4) Request Timed Out / Packet loss ( Slow Internet )
    5) Finally Network Cable Unplugged (from last week) (Tech came and resolved it stating that it was switch problem but it happened again, today I called up and he said it is your router problem)
    Technician mentioned me its my router problem but the Internet did not work even when I connected the Internet cable directly.
    Technicians are not trained…thats y the problem is not yet fixed….
    Complains are already registered but no actions has been taken,==

  14. Ya you’d get 2mbps till 10GB and 256kbps. You can’t compare beam with any isp except in service which sucks..


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