Airtel 4G LTE Data Card Review

* Recently I shifted my house in Bangalore, India from C.V. Raman Nagar to Koramangala. So had to undergo the hectic process of Cease and Re-Provide of many services. Internet was one such key item.

* I was earlier using Aircel 3G Datacard and was a satisfied customer. When I started the hunt for the Data Card in new location, first thing I did was to check if my Aircel Datacard works fine, but unfortunately it didn’t. I went through multiple rounds of calls with customer care and it was confirmed that in the new area it was not the best choice. Then my hunt started for a new connection.

* After scanning through many vendors, who were kind of luring me with many offers from Vodafone, Tata Docomo, MTS, ..etc I was in big dilemma on what to choose. Then with the rapport I developed with a decent mobiles and accessories vendor, I started a conversation and he gave me a candid feedback of several options. He finally suggested to go for Airtel 4G LTE, highlighting coverage to be the main advantage. I’ve been a happy customer of Airtel w.r.t Mobile usage so my inclination was towards it. Before jumping into the decision I took advice from couple of colleagues, one of whom was using Airtel 4G and he gave a satisfactory review.

* I purchased the data card for around 1500 bucks (forgot the actual amount). This is quite high when compared to other vendor devices but consoled myself that its 4G, so should be justified. The first thing that impressed me was the way the cap was linked to the device, keeping in mind of several users who tend to lose it. Another impressive thing, when the application comes up, your mobile number and support toll free number are shown very clearly, saving you from looking around to get these details. When you connect the device, it gets auto connected to internet, avoiding unnecessary clicks from user. With these things I was confident that its gonna be good.

* I was up and ready in no time with Rs 685 unlimited (6 GB) monthly plan. The signal strength was not full, that worried me a little but that didn’t affect the speed. Probably it was not providing 4G but the speed was good enough for me. After few days had a technical glitch, although I connected the device, it kept saying ‘No device found’. Airtel’s USP, better customer experience impressed me once again. They pick up the call quickly and are quite knowledgeable in resolving issues. My issue got resolved immediately and since then it has been a good service.

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