NUX Mighty 8 SE 8 Guitar Amplifier Review

After I used Line 6 Guitar Amplifier with special effects, I was very keenly searching for a similar amp. Finally after so much search, I got introduced to NUX Mighty Guitar Amplifier. I just purchased a 8 Amplifier version for home practice. Here are my thoughts.

What is So Good About NUX Mighty 8 SE Amp ?

  • It has all the effects that you look for in a Line 6 Amplifier and these effects are :
    • First Nob : Chorus, Flager, Phaser, Tremolo
    • Second Nob : Delay, Reverb
  • Also the standard features like Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume, Gain controls are present.
  • It comes with an in-built Tuner, which is awesome ! I do not need to carry any tuner. All you need to do is press a button and it will be a tuner
  • There are about 5 more special effects on the guitar, which I were presented differently on Line 6 Amp. They are
    • Clean
    • Blues
    • Crunch
    • British
    • Classic
    • Solo
    • Metal
    • Flat
  • It has a battery option as well to put AA battery and you can play it in a park without power source. It has a nice carry on band as well for easy carrying.

All of these absolutely make a great amplifier and I love it  !

What can be improved on this Amplifier ?

  • I think, they can provide rechargeable kind of battery system so that I do not have to insert and take out batteries
  • They can also provide a Guitar cable along with it, it will make them stand out from competitors
  • I feel that the power cable with it is small, they really need to make it longer for it. The users are typically home based right, should have more of that cable.

Overall, for the price of the Amplifier that I paid, the deal was very good. It is sounding good and I recommend anyone to buy it.

What are your thoughts on the guitar Amp ?


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