Apollo Clinic, Koramangala, Bangalore – Review

Few days back, my Mother had signs of Diabetes and so we consulted a near by Doctor (M.B.B.S, M.D). He clarified that it might not be diabetes and suggested to have Sugar test done. He recommended Apollo Clinic, which is opposite to Jyothi Nivas College in Koramangala and mentioned that their reports can be trusted. I got the test done for my mother ,the next day and our experience was quite good.


  • Well maintained lab facility: The centre is very sophisticated and right from receptionists to the lab personnel every one behaved in a professional and pleasing manner. The lab tests are done with due care. Lot of hygiene factors are practiced while taking the samples. In my mother’s case it was sugar test, so they guided well about taking one sample before fasting and one after break fast and the time interval of 1:30 to 2 Hrs, between the tests. The reports were also available by the time promised.
  • Open on Sundays also till 1 PM.
  • Excellent follow-up. You would get instant SMS about online registration. The lab reports can also be checked online.
  • The clinic also provides consultation service for various health departments like Pediatrics, General Physician etc and the notice board displays a huge list of Consultant Doctors.

More Details:

  • The Sugar test cost was: Rs 90 + Rs 90 (180 for two samples) + Rs 50 registration fee.
  • I had earlier visited Vijaya Diagnostic Centre, Ameerpet, Hyderabad and was impressed with the service. Apollo Clinic is also on par with it.


  • I didn’t understand, why they charge Rs 50 for first time visit. For consultation in a Hospital, its reasonable, because they’ll have to issue a Record etc but here I didn’t get why is it required for a lab test. They do log our details but as everything is online the charges can be avoided.
  • There’s a slight increase in the charges. When I checked over phone before visiting the place, I was told that the charges were Rs 150 (Rs 75+Rs75) for sugar test but I had to pay Rs 180. They mentioned that prices had increased recently.

Final Words:

It’s quite important that the lab tests are done at a good diagnostic centre. Our Doctor specifically highlighted that many local centres which do lab tests are not reliable and that there were cases where a person who didn’t even have fever was told to have Typhoid. This reminded me of my own experience where a local diagnostic centre person mentioned that I had got Jaundice which was in early stage. The corresponding Doctor (B.A.M.S) I had consulted then also shared similar opinion. I was scared on hearing this and got very much worried. Then later I consulted a specialist, Gastro Enterologist in Mallya Hospital and he made us re-do the tests once again. After looking at their lab reports, he clarified that I didn’t have Jaundice at all and it was absolutely incorrect diagnosis done by earlier Doctor. He blasted us left and right and advised not to rely on local diagnostic centres and doctors for such health concerns. The point is think twice about the place where you get your tests done.

On the whole, it was a decent experience with Apollo Clinic.

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