KFC a KPHP Colony in Hyderabad – Review

KFC is a well known brand as you all know, we have been visiting the KFC in KPHB that is in the South India Shopping Mall and here is our experience.


What do you like about KFC in KPHB at South India Shopping Mall

  • It is a good place and has the typical ambience of a KFC
  • It has two floors, you order in Ground floor and then you can carry the food to the up-stairs for eating it
  • It is spacious on the top and you get a decent view of the Road

What do you suggest to  KFC in KPHB , Hyderabad for improving the experience. 

  • Unfortunately, we almost never got Chicken Wings. It has happened to us three time. They say there is no stock. They could potentially stock up more of the chicken wings so that customers are happy.
  • It gets very crowded as you will have hard time finding a place to sit…Theyc an consider expanding the space…not sure, if there is any…
  • The stairs to go to 2nd floor is not so good, you can easily fall down…They can fix the stairs so that people do not get hurt.
  • Parking can be a big hassle here, the management have to find a place to park for KFC.


Summary of Review :

It is a decent KFC, of course, food is fine, you may not really enjoy your food, when you go there on a weekend..too much waiting time in line and they may not be serving you your favorite dish. If the management fixes the issues, it could be a great place.


What was your experience ?

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