Bahubali – Movie: What questions will be answered in Part 2 ?

  • Devasena: Her love and hate stories with Bahubali and Bhallaladeva respectively.
  • Avantika: Whats the relation between Avantika and Deva Sena.
  • Sivagami: What made Sivagami to flee Mahishmati with the secret tunnel and sacrifice her life.
  • Kattappa-Aslam Khan: What is the situation when Kattappa seeks Aslam Khan’s help. Having known the screenwriting gurus: Vijayendra Prasad and SSR himself, they are definitely going to make use of Aslam Khan at a vital moment.
  • Bhallaladeva: How the mighty villain reacts to the death of his son, release of Deva Sena and more than all of these, the return of Bahubali !
  • The reasoning behind the ultimate twist given in first part climax.
  • Bahubali: What happened to the mighty Prince.
  • Sivudu: How Mahendra Bahubali aka Sivudu takes the most awaited revenge of Amarendra Bahubali !

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