Bahubali – Movie: Why did Kattappa kill Bahubali ?

Bahubali Part 1 ended with a mind blowing twist of the most reliable Kattappa killing Bahubali. This has kept everyone guessing on why he did so. Lets see what could be the reasons for such a loyal, dependable aide backstabbing the King.

The Below article is a speculation before two years, we are proud to say that our speculation was close !  Check out the Real Reason on Why Kattapa was Killed by Bahubali. 

It has been shown that entire Kattappa’s family hierarchy are slaves to the throne of Mahishmati and will do what ever is required to abide by it. As Rajamatha Sivagami announced Bahubali as the King, obviously all is not well with Bhallaladeva/his father Bijjaladeva who are desperate to capture the throne. Adding salt to the wound, the marriages of the brothers welcomes another complexity in the form of Devasena, from Kunthala Rajyam. Bhallaladeva falls for her but she prefers Bahubali for his positive, heroic traits. This irks Bhallaladeva to the core and the father-son duo hatch a plan where Sivagami’s secret/soft corner for her son gets revealed. Bahubali sacrifices the throne on the word of Sivagami and leaves to Kuntala Rajyam with Devasena.

The true color of Bhallaladeva comes out when he is crowned as the King. His atrocities increase day by day. Bhallaladeva enjoys his doings but gets worried about only one thing that the people still revere Bahubali. This irritates him and with his super ego he does a heinous act. The victims plead Bahubali to help but he is tied up with the word given to Sivagami. In parallel, Bhallaladeva also plans to conquer Kuntala Rajyam to completely dominate and get rid of Bahubali. Finally Sivagami understands how cruel minded his husband and son are and so requests Bahubali to get hold of the Mahismati Kingdom once again.

Now comes the real moment of Bahubali declaring war against Bhallaladeva. After some nerve-wracking challenges by Bhalladeva and Bahubali, like the one in the court room of Bhallaladeva where he pounds a stone into pieces with his strong foot and Bahubali takes out his weapon challenging them. Thus the war kickstarts. This situation becomes similar to Kurukshethra war in Mahabharatha, the mighty powered Kauravas vs comparatively less armored Pandavas but bestowed with outstanding capabilities and the divine’s help. Meanwhile Devasena is pregnant and still encourages her husband to fight the war for the people.

With a good start and key setbacks after that, when its much ended the enormous prowess of Bahubali gets unleashed and he becomes unstoppable. Bhallaldeva and Bijjaladeva soon realize that Bahubali can’t be beaten the right way, so they order Kattappa to kill Bahubali. Kattappa gets the shock of his life and falls in the deadly dilemma. Finally the cruel duo by reminding the family oath of Kattappa deploy him to backstab Bahubali to save Mahishmati kingdom. Although unwilling to do this unbelievable act, Kattappa only to stand by his role approaches Bahubali and the latter doesn’t attack him due to his camaraderie from childhood. There’s a possibility of Bahubali being diverted with false news on Devasena or his child. Finally Kattappa does the most disastrous act of killing Bahubali from behind. Although Bahubali had chance to kill Kattappa he leaves him and this disturbs and haunts Kattappa for his entire life time.

Having lost Bahubali, Devasena who has just delivered a baby boy comes into the battle ground with the baby on the back, resembling Jhansi Lakshmi Bhai to lead the troops and after a great fight becomes a captive. Sivagami, the Rajamatha comes to the rescue and takes over the new born baby and flees the kingdom using the secret tunnel. Bhallaladeva doesn’t spare his mother also and sends his troops after his mother, to kill Junior Bahubali.

The rest is well-known history captured in Bahubali part 1.

* There are some more possibilities like below which are based on the cruel duo cheating Kattappa:
1) Kattappa kills Bahubali with mistaken identity, assuming him to be someone else (Inspired by Troy). However this may not be the case as Kattappa admitted in Part 1 climax that he ‘backstabbed’ Bahubali.
2) Kattappa kills Bahubali as he is misinformed that Bahubali has killed one of the vital persons of the Kingdom like Sivagami/Bhallaladeva/Bijjaladeva.

There were many predictions of Part 1 story based on the initial looks and trailers, however Screenwriter gurus Vijayendra Prasad and Rajamouli managed to think different and none of the predicted versions matched the story especially the role of Avantika. So I’m anticipating that my version including many others might be proven wrong in Part 2 as well because the genius of creators is hard to match !