Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali Real Answer in English, Telugu from Part 2

The most awaited question in anyone’s mind in the last couple of years is Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali…We have written the speculation of Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali before the movie was released, it is time to update everyone why Kattappa Killed Bahubali to all of you as I just watched the movie Bahubali Part 2 The Ending.

How was the Plot setup to Kill Bahubali before ordering to Kattapa  ?

Bahubali at first will lose his throne to Bhallaldeva to be the king of Mahishmati to stand by his words and Dharma that Shivagami has taught young Bahubali…During the oath taking cermemony of the king, there will be so much support for Bahubali that Bhalla feels that he is not respected and upon guidance from Bijjaladeva, both of them decide that they have to kill Bahubali…Bijjaladeva suggests that as the kind Bhalla can order and kill Bahubali, but Bhall is smart and tells, I am only the kind but the decision maker is still Shivagami…so, we should do something so that the decision comes from her.

Both Bhalla and Bijjaladeva try to fool Kumara Varma, who is brother-in-law of Devasena acting that Bhall is going to Kill Bhaubali and Bijjaladeva is telling his son not to kill Bahubali. Kumara Varma is fooled and tells Bijjaladeva that this has to be told to Bahubali and Shivagami…as it was preplanned, Bijjaladeva convices him telling that he should kill his son Bhallaladeva so that he can save Bahubali…he says that he will help him get to the Kings place by secret route, etc. Poor Kumara varma is fooled and goes to kill Bhalla in his bed, there will not be Bhall on the Bed and just like in any other movie, there will be pillos on the bed and Bhalla lights the Candles to give light to make him realize, it was a plot…now, all the Bhllaladeva’s guards will be killed by Bhalla’s men and Kumara Verma will be killed by Bijjaladeva telling that he was fooled and they will tell that it is plot of Bahubhali and he should be killed… After killing of Kumara Verma, Bhalladeva will cut his face slights and pretended to be hurted by Kumar Verma and Bijjaladeva will act saying that Bhau  was your son but look at his treason to kill the King…This is how the stage is set..

How was Plot setup to Kill Bahubali by Shivagami ?  How was Kattappa Ordered ?

Sivagami, who is already not happy with Bahubhali as he denied her words and married Devasena,  is fooled with emotional drama  by Bijjaladeva and Bhalla and believes in the story that Bahubali planned to kill his son…she tells that if King, Bhallaladeva orders to kill Bhaubali, then there will be too much of revolt from people and his king will not able to control it. She yells saying that “Killing Bahubali is my decision, but that sins will not be touched to the hands of the King Bhallaladeva”.  Kattappa will be called in by Shivagami and Bhalladeva tells him that you have been loyal servant for ages from my ancestors to this kingdom and you obey the kings order…he says to kill Bahubali….Then Kattappa says that he cannot do it and asks Shivagami to tell them to take his word back…she says that it is her order too and he has to Kill Bahubali as they tried to kill his son. Kattappa tries to tell that he cannot do it as Bahubali wil never do such sins and order anyone to kill king….But, Shivagami tells, if you are not going to kill, then I will have to Kill Bahubali…Kattappa is moved by that and says ” I do not want your hands to get that sin of killing your own son Bahubali and bad blood to your hands, I will only do it “. This is how Kattapa was convinced to kill Bahubali.

How was Bahubali Deceived by Kattapa and eventually killed ?

A scene was set to make it believe that Kattapa was charged with Treason ( Desha Droham) and he is being hanged and torchered by Kings Men.  Bahubali comes to know that Kattapa is being charged as traitor and he is in trouble. Bahubali talks to Devasena and she says he has to get Kattapa as  he has promised to act as the Grandfather for Bahubali’s son and it is convention for them to take the baby after birth by Grand Father…Bahubali promises that he will get Katappa Safe and promises her…Bahubali rushes and finds that Kattappa is tied with steel strings by Kings army and in fire…Bahubali tries to get him out of that and says I am here to save…in the meantime, a large set of army like Kalakeya’s come and try to occupy the kingdom of Mahishmati ( it is not clear, if this entry of Kalakeyas is plot by Bhalla or Shivagami as there is no mention of it )   Bahubali fights with them and kills a lot of them…eventually, Kattappa comes in and fights along with Bahubali with kalakeyas….towards the end of fight, Bahubali would be facing other side and Kattapa comes from behind and takes his sword and pushes directly into his back and Bahubali falls down…Kattapa kneels before him and also the sword in front so that Bahubali will kill him for the treason and killing Bahubali from Behind….But, Bahubali does not kill him and says that ” take care of my mother and says Jai Mahismati and dies”

Overall, Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali Real answer ?

The real answer in simple words is that Kattappa was ordered by Shivagami as Mahishmati’s Kingdom’s order to Kill Bahubali because she believes that Bahubali tried to kill Bhallaladeva, as he was denied the king’s throne.