Filmfare South Awards 2010 Function – Review


Last Saturday night I attended Filmfare South Awards 2010 function at HICC, Novotel. Though I was not much interested in regular film awards functions, the brand Filmfare excited me. But honestly speaking its way below standards of the current gen Bollywood functions. With IIFA standing high in surprising viewers, Filmfare is struggling now to catch up. However Filmfare North is lot better. The negligence on South Awards was evident.


– Though there were initial hiccups, Tamil Hero Arya’s Anchoring was interesting. He could bring out his usual sense of humour out at some instances. Eg: He went to Trisha and asked her if she is in the function just to attend the after parties, as trusted sources informed him so. This brought laughs all around. And also another notable comment on Daggubati Rana when Arya enquired him if John Abraham and Bipasha Basu had split because of him.

The lady Anchor was Lekha Washington and her grip on accent worked as her merit.

However I got enlightened on a very interesting thing. I used to feel like these Anchors are too good to give such wonderful performances impromptu on stage. But the reality blew me off. I was sitting next to a white screen on which a prepared presentation with all text including exclamations, pauses everything was getting scrolled. Then to my bitter dismay I came to know that the Anchors on stage just read out what’s coming on and ofcourse they have the lever to manage the text, to scroll up/down.

My great respect for the Anchors of Awards diminished right away.

– Hansika who was onced mocked as a struggling dancer rocked with her performance. Could say it is her best performance I have seen ever.

– Tamannah also gave a splendid performance at around 1 AM when the show was ending. The movements were tough and challenging, I was surprised to see her executing all steps with finesse at such odd hours. Kudos to Tamannah !

– Venue: HICC Novotel was great. With expandable area, indoor auditorium, cooling system it is excellent for such functions.


– Unlike interesting awards functions where in the winners are declared on stage, here they were informed before hand and the stars who have come were to just collect their awards. This diluted the interest in the functions as there was no suspense factor. Many biggies skipped the function. Stalwarts like Chiranjeevi vanished from the place after they received their award.

– There were no skits or themes in the performances, so it was usual medley of songs done by different heroines. Siya Goutham, Deeksha Seth, Divya Spandana, Sruti Hassan etc gave passable performances.

– The show which was supposed to be started at 7:30, started at 8:45 and ended at 1 AM.

– The Awards list was controversial. Many awards were surprising and there were discussions going on, judging the jury.


On the whole the show was average, didn’t give any lasting expression and I decided to comfortably skip next time.

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