Where to buy Cheap Buggy / Stroller in Rome for Tourists ? Rent vs Buy ?

One of the most important things when you travel to Rome with baby or child is to have a Stroller / Buggy in Colosseum and other places to be comfortable for you and your baby. Anyways, we lost our stroller in a bus on our way to Rome, while we got down at Vatican City and I was like, what the heck ?  I knew stroller would be expensive in Europe.  I did a lot of research on this to buy vs rent here and realized that it is better to buy a cheaper one here than renting an expensive one.

Renting vs Buying Stroller / Buggy in Rome ?

Usually, the renting ones charge about 20 Euro per day or 30 Euro for two days. It is not cheap. Maybe you get better ones and they say that they will pick up and drop the stroller for you, but it is not worth renting them as you can buy them for a cheaper price and might as well take home the same. Of course, this only applies if your kid is over 6 months and can be on a buggy type umbrella stroller.

Where to buy Cheap Umbrella type Stroller or Buggy in Rome for Tourists ?

I looked all over the place for this and even went to few shops for the same, the cheapest I could find was for 29.99 Euro ( basically 30 Euro) at Prenatal store and the model as you see online  Jolly arancione from Giordani .  The second cheapest one is about 64 Euro in Prenatal Store and the next cheapest is around 79 Euro  called Capri Stroller at ChiccoShop,  We bought the one for 30 Euro and worked well for us. It is handy to travel with it in Bus and trains.

Where the stroller / Buggy has most difficult terrain ? Where should you carry ?

You will need to fold it on buses as they are crowded. Also, when you are in Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, you will need to fold. You need to fold in Vatican  Museums and other places where you need to climb stairs. There will be palces where you will need to fold it, so you better buy the light weight and cheapest one.

What is your advice ? How was your experience ?

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