Restaurants in Rome – Cover Charge, Plates Charge, 10% Service Charge ?

We happened  to go to one of the pizzeria behind our hotel and were surprised to get a big charge of about 8 Euro for 4 of us. when I asked the waiter, they said it is cover charge or plates charge.  Our bill was on the lower side as we just wanted two pizzas, that’s what we thought. After we asked few places, we got to know it is common.

What is Cover Charge/ Plates Charge ? Bread Charge ?

They charge about 2 euro per person for Cover Charge or plates cleaning charge, not sure if it can be higher. Also, it can be tied to the bread that you eat. There is nothing that is free. If the waiter gives you a basket of bread, don’t think it is free, it will be paid by you. You can ask them or not touch it.

Service Charge 10% ?

There is always a 10% service charge besides the above said cover charge that we had. So, you dont have to tip really, because they are doing a 10% charge.

How to avoid cover charge  – Ask before you dine in any restaurant 

The only way to avoid it is by asking it beforehand that if they have cover charge / plates charge. If they say, there is charge, then do not take seat…We asked few restaurants the same question and entered them when they said there is no cover charge….So, that’s the way you avoid it.

How was your experience in Rome ?


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