Cisco IP Phone 7970 Review

I have been using this phone at my office for the last two years and I’m very much impressed with it. I could’not believe that a seemingly hardware device can have so many software features. Its almost a Telephone Centric Computer with loads of advantages. The GUI is very handy. I liked the voice clarity a lot. The speaker sound is also very good. In a closed room it can reach a very good distance. I have never tried the headset with this.

It is mainly used for VOIP purpose. I also take local landlines calls. There is an option to lock the phone using the standard authentication procedure usually seen in Desktops/Laptops. This phone can be integrated with online accounts and can be made active through the PIN that gets generated from that.

The only disadvantage that I see in this piece is the twisted cable on the receiver. I do not use it often and usually rely on the speaker but then if someone plays around with this cable it gets screwed up. Usually the cable that comes with BSNL Landline are more robust.

Another interesting feature in this phone is the software version that is available. There is Cisco IP Communicator which simulates exactly what this physical phone does and it is very handy when we can’t carry the phone when we are moving but still use the phone via Internet in our laptop.

Its indeed a smart phone and really a cool one.

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