Microsoft Company Review

Microsoft Review

Anyone who knows computers would certainly know about Microsoft and Bill Gates, the brain behind it. He is also recognized for being the richest man on the earth for the longest time. Windows operating system has been one of the most significant developments in software industry that has changed the way things work in entire world.

The vision of Bill Gates is truly outstanding in bringing in the operating system for Personal Users. Unix is still the powerful operating system but then the ease of use for novices is its major drawback. Windows scores a lot here. Many products from Microsoft like Word, Excel have become the synonyms of the areas that they cater to.

Also one of the major reasons for the huge number of users of Microsoft products is the decision of the company to let the pirates (home users) use the software for free. This has clicked in a big way though it is illegal. The idea of giving Internet Explorer as a part of the operating system has also put a check to the competitors in that area. Bill Gates has also been a very good businessman.

Microsoft is also a crazy name for all the Software Engineers/Aspiring Software Engineers. The way they screen people has also become a major topic under discussion. Rating a candidate on his Analytical Thinking has really shown way for other employers in developing their recruitment process.

Bill Gates has proved to the world once again that a normal college goer with a vision and passion can achieve any thing that he wants. This college dropout indirectly has inspired many other tech wizards who have followed similar path and produced marvels.

It is for sure that Microsoft has secured a permanent slot in Software Industry.

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