Sunset Boulevard Movie Review

I had heard about this movie from many people. It can be found in the best movies list of many movie buffs. It is touted to be one of the best classic films. So watched it last weekend.

With all due respect to the fact that it was filmed in 1950, the film on the whole didn’t impress me. I liked it in parts. The story is quite interesting but the screenplay drags and drags and tests your patience after a while.

It is the story of a struggling Hollywood writer who accidentally bumps into the house of a Veteran Hollywood Star Heroine who is still in dreamy world of stardom. She is not ready to believe that her prime days are gone and wants to do a film on herself. She makes Gillis the writer to agree to work on this script. She tries to woo Gillis by buying him expensive gifts and starts taking over his life. When Gillis resists she tries to commits suicide. Thus this conflict becomes complex and Gillis is pushed towards the struggle between freedom in life vs financial freedom. His real passion in writing drives him on other side. He helps out an aspiring writer in her work by working at nights and this ignites the evil in Norma Desmond (the veteran actress). She finally goes to the extent of killing Gillis who tries to flee from her.

This film depicts the psychological trauma that some celebrities experience who are reluctant to accept the facts after the faded glory. The film sets in good mood and the viewer starts feeling the pain/conflict in the role of Gillis. The film scores well in this department. But its pretty boring at some times and is very much predictable. May be its because after 1950 we have seen lot of films with similar scenes .

On the whole it can be watched if you have enough patience.

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