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I was born in CMC Hospital Vellore. My parents were born here…My grandfather was a diabetic patient for over 40 years taking treatment from here…My dad takes treatment here every two months…I sister delivered here…I can keep on adding….Let me share my experiences and review about the CMC Hospital in Vellore, India.

What is CMC Hospital in Vellore ?

CMC means  Christian Medical College. It is a hospital that was founded as a missionary hospital by Aunt Ida almost a century ago and it has a medical college tied to it. Most of the doctors that graduate from the medical college, serve here for less salary with a service motto, rather than money.

What are the amazing things about CMC Hospital in Vellore ?

First and foremost, it is a missionary hospital without intention to make greedy profits like the corporate hospitals all over the country.

  • The doctors at CMC Hospital are the top-tier doctors in the country. They are handpicked, educated and groomed to be great doctors. Only 100 students are given the opportunity to study MBBS in a year from all over the country, you can imagine, how much competition exists to get admission.
  • CMC Hospital has the most amazing medical equipment in the world. They are a premier research institute as well.
  • The treatment here is not based on getting results fast, they are based on giving the right treatment. If you go to a corporate hospital or fancy place, they will give you high dosage and get your fever or any ailment addressed quickly so that you go there more often…but, CMCH is different, they will NOT give you high dosage, unless required.  They believe in giving the right treatment rather than trying to give more dosage and hurt your body in the long run.  My dad was on bed for 9 months after accident, they gave the slowest treatment, but he can drive and no problems whatsoever with regards to his leg…on the other hand, my dads friend with similar accident, went to another hospital, he had many problems and eventually, he had to come to CMC to re-do the surgery from scratch…All I am trying to say is that your treatment is not done to make more money or impress you, it is for your good.
  • The doctors, nurses and everyone speak multiple languages, it is very easy for anyone to get treatment ..English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali are very commonly spoken .
  • The Hospital is located in a good area, the campus is well built with many facilities and all are connected.
  • They have separate blocks for each department. Also, they have some private care facilities for someone, who wants premium care…
  • They have treatment for literally everything that you can think of from fever to Cancer…
  • CMCH has an Out Patient block as well, where you can book appointments and get your treatment done during day like regular medical checkup.

What can be improved at CMC Hospital  Vellore ?

  • The out patient (OPD) section for booking appointments is really getting hard. My parents have to go one day to book appointment, another day for tests and another day for actual treatment…I think some way should be given for online appointment booking.
  • With the demand and good treatment, too many people are coming to the hospital and it is getting crowded everyday…something has to be done to handle the crowd and load.
  • I feel that the systems can be made a little better…the OPD block is crowded and it just drives anyone crazy…many of the people, just do NOT want to come to CMC just because of the wait times.
  • The space is limited, but something has to be done to handle the traffic and parking…maybe an underground option for parking and avoiding all the building space constraints…

Overall, I think, it is the best hospital in India that I have visisted. I have seen many of my family members and many of my friends get amazing treatment with affordable price. It is the best hospital out there…You should go there, if you have not and check it out.

What are your thoughts after visiting CMCH ?


  1. In the name of shuffling of token numbers, the staff relatives files are inserted between regular token number as a result unknown people are waiting soo long time even they came first in the OP CHILD HEALTH GENERAL WARD

  2. My wife is a patient under treatment in CMC having ID 744284G. What led me write this is we are fed up due waiting outside chamber of DR Pricila rupalli , hours after hour despite taking rir appointment as a privet patients. The MRO concern is too rude always misguided the patient ,never gives serial no to the patient. So that he/she may have their food in time. Very disgusting situation. Authority concern may have a special check. What I wrote is my personal experience. This is on date and third time in my visit to this prestigious hospital.

  3. Dear Sir/Madam

    I am Md Nasim From P S: Saidpur,, Dist: Nilphamari, Bangladesh. Many Bangladeshi People are going to Cmc Hospital in INDIA for Better Treatment. Last 1 Year we serve all Bangladeshi People appointment facility from Saidpur, Nilphamari Bangladesh on my Credit card (Master Card). But Last 7 days we don’t Serve Our Bangladeshi Patient.

    When we Confirm appointment facility but payment option only Net Banking, But we have not Net Banking facility so Payment Failure & we dint serve our Bangladeshi Patient Online Appointment facility. As a Result all our Bangladeshi Patient suffering 7 to 10 days delay for appointment.

    So Sir Please add this Payment facility on Debit Card / Credit Card / Chris Card / Net Banking

    Thanks Sir
    Syed Shah Fazlur Rahman Nasim

  4. Ever since i came to CMC i am facing lots of problm. As an attendant even I’m about about to get sick in this place . Nothing is proper they called us on 6.00 am..but doc appear 11,12 am and they will ask me again come back on 3 evng i came here for my mom treatment of my no such improvement has been seen on my moms health yet and in every small thing i have to pay that day is not far when they will ask for money for just doing toilate and the guards and nurse seriously they don’t have mnner…overall my experience was horrible i haven’t not been through this kind of horrible experiance in my entire life and language problm evens workers even don’t know hoe to speak hindi and english ..mgmnt kuch kariyeh this is india not america.. yaha sab english bolne wale nahi ayenge Hindi log v h.. seriously its like the every workers were hired from hell..and i pray to you people.. if you love your beloved once please don’t bring here.

  5. No doubts hospital is good treatment also good BT some doctors especially Rheumatalogy department they treat patients as animals assistant doctors are so irresponsible. We’re waiting here since 4pm to night 11pm for our numbers when number come they told to meet at their office when u go there then they told to again waiting n you have to wait because the doctor secretary is also not aware about where is the doctor nd this shit again going on next week also really shit experience with Rheumatalogy doctors especially Ms. Anupama. Dear you really need some more practice please don’t waste others time and money .

    • My father in law was admitted under infectious disease team. Dr George and Dr Abi maneesh.
      Exceptionally good care and concern they had..
      We were admitted in A ward and the care by the doctors and the nursing staff was commendable.
      I was not at all expecting this kind of a care in a very busy hospital. I personally would vouch for the hospital.
      I am also thankful to Dr Ben babu(Anesthesia) Dr Varghese(endocrine surgery)
      The governance by Dr J V Peter sir is also praiseworthy.
      Thanks a lot

  6. My parents hv come here from past 25 yrs fr my elder brother treatment ..n today m in ds hospital ryt now facing alot of problems…frst of all i clear ds misconception dat doctors work here for less salary may b dey do but dey take out all der frustration on d patient n der family by behaving rudely so stop saying wat benifit do dey get by treating patient in less salary…secondly in 25 years d hospital has changed in each n every posaible way…my parents used to say dat its afinest hospital but today d way dey treated my handicapped brother was way to line…n not respecting gals and ladies is d daily scenario u can see in cmc now…lets hope it get back to its good image…

  7. The most horrible, disgusting, awful, irresponsible, unkind treatment you get from students not from the real doctors. you only see future doctors who learn on your beloved ones.

    • I totally agree with you subhash…d horrible n d pathetic management u cn c in ds hospital…dey dont know how to treat patients n der relatives…everyone ‘s behaviour in cmc is worst…

  8. I am indian. Cmc is a great hospital in India. I am a niuro patient. I am very well for cmc hospital treatment.cordial thanks cmc.

    • Right now I am in CMC hospital and my mother in law is under treatment for lungs infection., we admitted her last month on 28th July but yet no progress., let’s see…,

  9. Hi,
    I have visited CMC vellore recently . OPD department is managed very very poor, torturing the patients , the securities in the hospital never give respect and there is no enough place to sit. One of the patient felt faint while waiting in a queue . Recently they added address verification procedure for new people who take treatment for the first time , for this patients has to wait in a long queue and the verification officer torturing the patients to fill the form. Their charges for scan and blood test is equal to other private hospitals. Totally this hospital is managed in worst way.

  10. I need information about treatment and appointment at CMCH. I am from Bangladesh and have heard a lot about the hospital but do not know in details about the formalities to see the doctors and so forth. It would be really helpful to have an e-mail ID to correspond to the hospital for appointment.

    • for appointment visit
      please enquire more about this hospital regarding how they treat patients.


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